Power Business Innovation with a Self-Service Cloud Data Warehouse

14 April 2021 | Original global broadcast

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Power Business Innovation with a Self-Service Cloud Data Warehouse (33:11)

The full power of your data is now within reach of your entire organization. Discover how the self-service capabilities Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse help you deliver results faster, accelerating insights and time-to-market.

Achieving the Promise of Self Service for the Line of Business (21:26)

Janet George, Oracle Group Vice President of Autonomous Enterprise Transformation describes how the self-service data warehouse, automated insights, finally realizes the promise of making the business self-reliant.

Solution Spotlight: Creating a Self-Service Data Mart (06:13)

Learn how to build and operate a complete self-service data mart. We will show you how analysts, developers and data scientists can take advantage of a complete suite of integrated tools for data ingest, analytics and machine learning.

Customer Spotlight: Certegy (10:00)

Learn how Certegy uses the self-service capabilities of Autonomous Data Warehouse, Spatial analysis, Machine learning and analytics to reduce fraud detection by 10% and improve customer service with fewer declined transactions.

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