Oracle Financial Services Compliance Agent

Oracle Financial Services Compliance Agent is an AI-powered SaaS experimentation platform that helps financial institutions holistically assess and optimize the performance of their transaction monitoring system (TMS) and gather empirical evidence to support business decisions.

Learn how technology can help create a more agile and adaptive transaction monitoring system.

Why choose Oracle Financial Services Compliance Agent?

Evaluate your system cost-efficiently

Run experiments inexpensively to evaluate hypotheses about scenarios, thresholds, or controls before making a decision.

Holistically measure your system’s compliance performance

Access metrics that measure the performance of your system holistically against laundering transaction behavior.

Get recommendations for how to optimize system controls

Get recommendations on what scenario thresholds to use to improve your system’s compliance performance.

Gather rigorous statistical evidence to support tuning decisions

Conduct what-if analysis to evaluate and compare any two combinations of scenarios, thresholds, or controls.

Make evidence specific by using targeted metrics for scenario performance and product vulnerability

Quantify the performance of your system along specific dimensions using carefully aimed metrics such as the relative performance of scenarios and relative strength of product controls.

Assess the risk of new offerings

Accurately quantify the incremental risk associated with introducing a new account or transaction product within the existing control framework.

Easily estimate alert volumes resulting from changes to the TMS

Estimate the change in alert volumes resulting from any changes to the monitoring system without running expensive simulations on historical data.

Assess effectiveness against high-risk laundering typologies

Evaluate the effectiveness of system controls against the transaction behavior typical of high-risk typologies such as human trafficking.

Explore Compliance Agent product features

  • A configurable, simulated environment for transaction monitoring systems

  • Leverages reinforcement learning to assess and evaluate TMS scenarios, identify gaps, and recommend fixes

  • A flexible framework that allows you to modify scenarios, thresholds, and controls

  • The ability to run custom experiments to evaluate scenarios and thresholds

  • What-if analysis to compare multiple options

  • A flexible and friendly user interface

  • Easy setup with only limited data requirements

  • No technical dependencies on Oracle tools or products

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