Oracle Financial Services Customer Screening

Leveraging sophisticated matching algorithms, Oracle Financial Services Customer Screening delivers future-proof, risk screening characterized by precision and efficacy. It allows organizations to effectively and efficiently screen their customers against global and local risk databases for sanctions, watchlists, PEPs, adverse media, and more. The solution ensures compliance with AML/ CTF, anti-bribery, anti-corruption, export control, and other legislations and regulations.

Oracle now offers the industry's most agile, robust and secure Customer Screening Cloud Service

Why choose Oracle Financial Services Customer Screening?

Comprehensive and robust capabilities for customer screening

  • Perform various types of screening with configurable workflows and reporting tools.
  • Improve productivity with a customized workflow tailored for compliance investigations.

Real-time and batch-screening capabilities against global data sources

  • Perform comprehensive screening with free, subscription-based, or custom (private) global watchlists.
  • Choose from options to source watchlist data using full load processing or delta processing.
  • Gain the ability to slice batch screening with user-defined batch sizes for screening.

Extensive matching capabilities with high precision

  • Select from various match attributes to perform matching between customer data and watchlist data.
  • Gain the ability to use both out-of-the-box and custom matching rules.
  • Leverage highly sophisticated algorithms that handle typos, titles, prefixes, suffixes, qualifiers, concatenations, transliteration limitations, and cultural differences for accurate detection.

Higher accuracy results in significant reduction of false positives

  • Open search algorithms to provide search results with a high certainty of true positives.
  • Apply thresholds to filter matches with lower conviction with objective matching based on match scores.

Fast, accurate, and efficient investigations

  • Configure workflows, statuses and functions according to user role, such as reviewer/auditor, analyst, supervisor, administrator, or other customized roles.
  • Leverage full case management functionality for investigations.

Robust and agile sanctions compliance program

  • Ability to perform screening on various use cases, such as sanctions, political exposure, high-risk individuals, and more.
  • Extensive support for configuration to manage cases.
  • Risk- and match-scoring configurations to help filter, prioritize, and categorize cases accordingly.