Oracle AML and Financial Crime Compliance Management—Transaction Monitoring

Detect money laundering by surfacing unusual customer behavior and suspicious money movements through advanced analytics and industry-proven scenarios.

A transaction monitoring system that combats constantly evolving financial crime patterns

  • A complete solution

    Get started fast with our comprehensive set of industry-proven, regulator-accepted scenarios across jurisdictions—or build your own with our inbuilt tools and highly configurable interface.

    Leverage all your data by ingesting, enriching, and analyzing structured and unstructured data. Integrate with leading data providers. Configure with internal watchlists.

    Understand and explain results with complete documentation for all behavior detection logics and processes.

  • Precise threat detection

    Automatically and thoroughly monitor all accounts, customers, correspondents, and third parties across business lines.

    Increase detection precision with adaptive, behavior-based models.

    Perform targeted monitoring of high-risk segments using behavioral clusters.

  • A step ahead of criminals

    Create a machine-based, graph-native AML program using our advanced analytics toolkit to outpace sophisticated criminals.

    Identity different instances of the same person through entity resolution.

    Surface similar behaviors and blind spots through graph-based segmentation, deep learning and machine-based challenger models.

AML transaction monitoring products

Advanced transaction monitoring

Automated, comprehensive, and consistent surveillance of all accounts, customers, correspondents, and third parties in transactions across all business lines.

  • Enterprise-wide risk-based monitoring, investigations, and reporting for suspicious activities
  • Industry-leading, comprehensive transparent behavior detection library
  • Extensive library of data quality rule checks

An enterprise-wide view of fraudulent transactions

Provides complete coverage of sanctions monitoring with detection, analysis, and resolution capabilities.

  • Single, integrated fraud-management platform
  • Event identification and correlation across the enterprise
  • Intelligent alert correlation from point fraud solutions
  • Real-time monitoring and interdiction capabilities
  • Pre-built scenarios and detection techniques

Support multijurisdictional monitoring

Provides complete coverage of sanctions monitoring with detection, analysis, and resolution capabilities.

  • Detects different forms of data within financial transactions across business lines
  • Proprietary algorithms minimize false positives without compromising screening accuracy
  • Manages and maintains multiple global and custom watch lists
  • Generic translator supports new message formats for screening

Improve investigation efficiency

Apply the latest advancements in machine learning to reduce false positives and prioritize alerts for investigation.

  • Integrated workflow for creating, testing, and operationalizing models
  • Measures the efficiency of models by comparing scores with historical data
  • User-friendly browser interface, preconfigured for AML domain and read to use
  • Provides transparent regulatory and management reporting for compliance
  • Works seamlessly with existing systems

Optimize transaction monitoring performance

Use Oracle Financial Services Compliance Agent, an AI-powered SaaS experimentation platform, to evaluate the limitations of and opportunities in your transaction monitoring system.

  • Run experiments to evaluate hypotheses on scenarios, thresholds, or controls without using historical data.
  • Rely on metrics that capture the holistic performance of the system and performance against risk typologies.
  • Use an AI virtual money launder to reveal the transaction monitoring system’s real strength.
  • Get recommendations on scenarios and thresholds to optimize the system.

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