Next-Gen Simphony APIs Accelerate POS Integrations and Power Impactful Interactions

Keshav Kiran, Senior Director, Global Strategic Partnerships, Oracle Restaurants

These are exciting times in restaurant tech—with fast-changing customer preferences and growing investment in food technology, the number of apps and solutions available for addressing niche requirements have grown tremendously.

In the last couple years, brands and restaurant operators have undergone rapid digital transformation - adopting new tools and technology to help address shifting consumer expectations and industry trends.

The challenge faced by these businesses has been to quickly and easily test and deploy third-party apps to drive their strategy. POS integrations with various systems are key to drive better business decisions and help deliver great guest experiences.

Next-Gen APIs paving the way

The right restaurant technology can separate ambitious restaurants from the pack. With Simphony POS, our goal is simple– enable our customers to leverage innovative solutions that can extend Simphony POS capabilities to achieve their business goals.  We have made significant investments around building robust, scalable and secure APIs that can help brands deliver new digital experiences quickly.

Earlier this year, we released our next-gen Simphony APIs, Simphony Transaction Services Gen2 and Business Intelligence API, – highly scalable and secure RESTful APIs that enable Simphony customers and third-party application providers access to real-time transactional data and interaction with Simphony to support powerful use cases.

We have designed our Simphony Partner Integration Program to support third-party application providers, easily access documentation, and integrate to Simphony restaurant POS systems. Our developer-friendly program provides partners with access to POS integration resources during development for guidance, free temporary Simphony Lab for development/testing, and validation once their integration is ready.

We have had tremendous response from existing and new partners and are happy to announce that several partners are now validated on these new APIs. Fanz is one of several partners now validated. “Our integration with the Oracle team ran just smooth and absolutely reliable,” Fanz Co-founder and CEO Michael Menzel says. “They guided us perfectly with distinct information so we could plan and use our own resources in the best possible way. Everything supplied was on the point, the team proactively engaged with us and thus ensured the desired successful outcome. We felt well looked after at all times.”

Simphony Transaction Services Gen2

This highly scalable and secure RESTful API powers omnichannel ordering experiences for guests, enabling seamless in-room ordering or connection to third-party delivery channels. This API allows third-party ISVs to deploy across multiple locations quickly, supports complex combo meals operations, and provides access to enhanced menu item data (allergens, nutritional, and images).

Customers can now leverage several of our partner solutions to power their omnichannel ordering strategy. Listed are a handful of our fantastic partners that have completed their POS integrations and are utilizing our next-gen Simphony Transaction Services (Gen2) to deliver impactful guest and staff experiences:

Aigens is a leader in digital ordering solutions including mobile, kiosk, and online ordering for F&B and Hotels.

CBORD - Cstore improves visibility over the front- and back-of-house operations to give managers the information they need to maximize profits and ensure in-demand items are always in stock.

Deliverect connects Uber Eats, Deliveroo and more delivery platforms directly to the restaurant POS system, ending operational delivery management issues. Operators can boost sales, manage online menus, and streamline online delivery management.

Fanz allows guests to pay at the table via QR code, retain guests with loyalty, and boost reviews.

Future Ordering offers an omnichannel platform for app, web, and kiosk ordering while an order status board seamlessly integrates with the restaurant POS.

Itsacheckmate receives orders from 100+ popular digital ordering platforms —including Doordash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub  — and injects those orders into your Simphony POS.

Line10's NOLO and POS Bridge solutions enable restaurant groups to create their own digital sales channel and help brands manage multiple sales channels through a single integration.

Pej’s web ordering solution is powering some of the biggest brands in the world. From fast food and casual dining restaurant chains to hotels, arenas, and amusement parks. The solution allows guests to view the menu, pick items, order, and pay using their own smartphone or computer.

Vouch's guest experience platform enables brands to generate additional revenue and increase RevPAR by promoting room service offerings.

Business Intelligence API

The Business Intelligence API is a game changer. It provides real-time access to key Simphony transactional, operational, and kitchen data in the cloud— ready in 90 seconds to be consumed in the restaurant analytics dashboard. Partners that have recently completed their integration with BI API:

Apicbase accesses real-time guest check and location specific data enables F&B establishments— be it multi-unit restaurants, hotels, or catering operations— to control food cost.

CustomerX.i is powering brands with point-of-sale and guest check data to get a unified view of their customers across all locations and brands to understand who buys which menu items and why.

Shogo automatically synchronizes accounting data from Simphony to QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Exact Online, and more. Their reporting portal pulls back guest check and sales details to assist with keeping the books updated and accurate.

Tenzo integrates POS, labor, and inventory systems to centralize data in one place. Their platform aggregates sales and guest check data while using machine learning to forecast future sales, improve labor scheduling, and eliminate food waste.

To learn more about these applications or check out other validated partner solutions – please visit Simphony Cloud Marketplace. If you are a third-party application provider interested in leveraging these APIs, be sure to review our Simphony Partner Integration Program.

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