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Oracle Maxymiser: Testing and personalization

Transform your business with Oracle Maxymiser’s advanced website testing and personalization solutions. Remove the guesswork and make data-driven decisions on websites and mobile apps to create a seamless and connected customer experience. From simple A/B to complex multivariate tests, Oracle Maxymiser’s intuitive, self-service interface, advanced personalization tools and recommendations, and robust insights make it easy.

Powerful, server-side capabilities enable developers to programmatically access the decision engine and action tracking functionality of the platform. From testing on nonbrowser devices, such as kiosks and smart TVs, to testing a new pricing algorithm, Oracle has unlocked a whole new world for developers.

Why choose Oracle Maxymiser?

From simple A/B to complex multivariate tests, Oracle Maxymiser’s intuitive, self-service interface, advanced personalization tools, and robust, data-driven insights make testing easy and allow you to optimize your website and mobile apps.

Oracle Maxymiser offers advanced capabilities that marketers love and IT trusts:

  • Personalization: Deliver powerful, real-time personalization capabilities as well as product and content recommendations without relying on development resources.
  • Reporting and statistics: Make timely and accurate data-driven decisions, all powered by a best-in-class stats engine.
  • Cross-device campaigns: Create powerful, complex campaigns for virtually any type of site or device to ensure a consistent experience for your customers and prospects.
  • Deployment: Quickly deploy and start testing even the most powerful campaigns with an intuitive visual editor.
  • Performance: Deliver synchronous campaigns with minimal latency and content “flicker.”
  • Security and data privacy: Test on all site areas while protecting your data with Oracle Maxymiser’s highly secure platform.
  • Powerful testing: Extract objective, data-driven results that you can use to optimize pages. Oracle understands the potential of A/B and multivariate testing. Go beyond simple A/B testing with capabilities that can handle even the most complex demands.

Leverage the power of Oracle CX Marketing

As part of Oracle CX Marketing, Maxymiser offers fully featured testing and personalization capabilities, providing you with options for growth and innovation. Built to meet the rigorous requirements associated with enterprise-level scale and security, Oracle CX Marketing products have proven integrations that easily connect to first-, second-, and third-party data for testing, personalization, and optimization initiatives on websites and mobile apps. Maxymiser’s open platform and APIs allow marketers to connect data across the customer journey.

Explore Oracle Maxymiser


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In an increasingly competitive marketplace, personalized digital experiences can set your business apart. Whether you market to B2B or B2C, make your customers’ experiences as meaningful and relevant as possible by tailoring content to specific needs and preferences. With Oracle Maxymiser, marketers have access to an easy-to-use import tool to leverage data from any source and build rich customer profiles for more precise targeting, personalization, and recommendations.


Predictive Insights

Discover the most promising opportunities and drive incremental revenue with Oracle Maxymiser’s automated insight capabilities. See which customers are over- or under-performing on sites. Mine test data to automatically uncover customer preferences to know exactly why and where to personalize.

Powered by Oracle Infinity, the Heatmaps tool sits natively within Oracle Maxymiser, enabling marketers to observe where visitors click most often, what content is ignored, or how far down the page customers tend to scroll. Discover new testing opportunities and gain additional insights into the onsite experience.

Predictive Insights

Testing and Targeting

With seamless switching between visual editing and code, Oracle Maxymiser’s next-generation visual editor enables better collaboration between nontechnical and technical users. Whether running simple A/B testing or complex multipage funnel testing, the process is easy. Oracle’s market-leading support for responsive sites and single-page applications, keeps you ahead of today’s evolving web technologies.

Testing and Targeting

Mobile App Optimization and Personalization

Build and deliver tests with an intuitive, visual editor that works across apps, websites, and mobile. No App Store submissions or approvals are required, so you can get your tests out the door and in front of customers in record time.

Mobile App Optimization and Personalization

Oracle Maxymiser sets new roadmap for National Express customer journeys

Oracle Maxymiser sets new roadmap for National Express customer journeys

“Working with Oracle Maxymiser feels like an extension of the team… the insights the campaign design team share are an invaluable guide to how we can improve our sales funnel and they never cease to deliver on the technical side.”

— Ashley Howe, Analytics and Optimization Manager, National Express

Oracle Maxymiser


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