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Simplify operational technology (OT) system and device integration. Oracle Utilities Live Energy Connect (LEC) helps manage the system of systems within today’s smart grid. LEC is an operational technology-centric middleware platform that supports all major protocols, including ICCP, OPC, and DNP3.

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LEC delivers enterprise-wide data monitoring

Integrate OT applications: ADMS, SCADA, DERMS

Save operational technology (OT) integration time, money, and maintenance costs

Securely bridge all your OT and IT assets with Oracle’s operational technology message bus (OTMB). Enable enterprise-wide monitoring, control, and decision support, while reducing the time, cost, and maintenance associated with traditional integration approaches.

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Maintain device synchronization with Oracle Utilities LEC AIM

Automate asset ID management, increase operational efficiency, and minimize the risk of human error. With Oracle Utilities LEC Asset ID Manager, utilities can simplify the management of configurations and namespaces across OT systems.

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Deliver real-time intelligence with an operational historian

Collect, archive, and retrieve time-series data from any utility device or system with an Oracle Utilities Live Energy Connect adapter for operational historian databases. Simplify the process of gathering operational data and provide the data needed for analytics and business intelligence.

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Oracle Utilities Live Energy Connect provides turnkey ICCP connectivity

Participants in today’s power markets need precise, real-time connectivity to facilitate and profit from buying and selling power. They use Oracle Utilities LEC ICCP services to meet real-time reporting and control requirements in all North American ISOs.

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Oracle Utilities Live Energy Connect protocol support

Oracle Utilities Live Energy Connect offers native support for a broad range of industry protocols, including ICCP, OPC DNP 3.0, Modbus, MultiSpeak, REST, and web services.

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“We’ve standardized on [Oracle Utilities] NMS as the management system for our operators…[with Oracle Utilities] LEC…at the center of our architecture.”

Matt Bult

Senior Manager for Operations Technology, Evergy

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Live Energy Connect roadmap

Allison Salke, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Oracle Utilities

Deployed for many years in the field as an on-premises solution for the managers and engineers of renewables and bulk power operators, Generation Asset Manager allows users to optimize their asset performance through real-time monitoring of generation assets, plant output, active alarms, data trends, and historical analysis.

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Changing grid topologies require a new approach to OT architectures

Utilities are turning to OTMB to address current operational needs and create a scalable platform for the future.

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Minimize code development with a configuration-driven ICCP solution

Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP) is the de facto standard worldwide for control-center communication in the electric power sector. It enables data exchange inside utility systems, as well as between utilities and power pools, regional transmission organizations (RTOs), independent system operators (ISOs) and nonutility generators.

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Seamlessly manage your growing infrastructure

Learn how an Operational Technology Message Bus can ensure that grid architects can keep up with the complex systems of systems such as DERMS, ADMS, IoT Sensor networks, virtual power plants (VPPs), and many other behind and in-front of the meter DER systems.

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