Oracle Student Financial Planning

Spend Time on Students, Not Process

The combination of increased competition for students, changing student needs, and an unpredictable regulatory environment makes processing financial aid and delivering exceptional – and affordable – services to students challenging. Oracle Student Financial Planning is a game-changing financial aid solution that manages each student’s financial plan individually and provides real-time visibility into a student’s academic programs, supporting better informed financial decisions and optimized outcomes.

Start Now with Oracle Student Financial Planning

Oracle Student Financial Planning streamlines the financial aid process, reducing processing costs and improving student outcomes with system-generated corrective suggestions and proactive interventions. Oracle SFP ensures your institution remains in regulatory compliance via expert system-rule automation, speeding up workflows for more timely, accurate student aid and increased advisory capability.

Student Financial Planning Product Features


Actively drives student action and engagement through three simple steps, and answers key questions: “How much?” “When?” “Why?”

Student Advisors

Automates 90% of financial aid processes, allowing advisors to spend more time helping students and families make better academic and borrowing decisions.

Financial Aid Advisors

Displays dynamic, multi-year funding, with full data input/output snapshot for every change.

Institutional Leadership

Optimizes financial aid processing and student financial outcomes from the top-down with insight into measures such as student funding sources and institutional cashflow.

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