API Access and Fees and Registering an App

Learn more about the applicable fees and process for accessing Oracle Health APIs.


Application programming interfaces (APIs) spur innovation and collaboration among a broader community of developers, enabling the creation of new technology that unlocks opportunities to advance healthcare. Oracle Health APIs are cloud-based, allowing for rapid, agile deployment of future updates or enhancements. Implementation of the APIs is simplified for healthcare providers because the ontology mapping process is centralized, which requires less effort than when performed on a per-deployment basis.

Registering a consumer access app

Complete the following steps to register your app for consumer use:

Review and accept our Terms and Conditions for Oracle Health APIs.

Review our API documentation, including a list of freely available FHIR API resources: Oracle Health Millennium Platform or Soarian Clinicals.

Review developers guide for consumer application best practices.

Review and attest to the CARIN Alliance Code of Conduct (strongly recommended but not required).

Register your application in the Oracle Health Developer Program console.

Test in the Oracle Health Millennium Platform sandbox or Soarian Clinicals sandbox (strongly recommended but not required).

After your app is registered, it will be provisioned for all active Oracle Health Millennium Platform and Soarian Clinicals FHIR API consumer access endpoints, which can be accessed in a machine-readable format.

Registering a provider or system access app

The following information applies to provider and system access app developers connecting with Oracle Health FHIR APIs for Oracle Health Millennium Platform and for Soarian Clinicals:

Review and accept our API Access Terms and Conditions.

Review our Oracle Health Millennium Platform and Soarian Clinicals documentation, including the list of available FHIR API resources, and document a gap analysis for your app.

Review our FAQ to understand the process and all technical, security, and validation requirements.

Register your application in the Oracle Health Developer Program console.

Develop a working app demo, connecting with the Oracle Health Developer Program open sandbox or Soarian Clinicals sandbox.

After registering your app, it will be available for Oracle Health Developer Program clients to consider for implementation.

Join the Oracle PartnerNetwork to achieve Expertise

To help application developers establish a predictable, standard, secure FHIR integration within Oracle Health Millennium Platform, we offer an Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Health Millennium Platform through the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

Review the Industry Healthcare Track Journey to get your application to market.


Oracle Health offers value-added services to developers through the Oracle PartnerNetwork. These services are not required to develop and deploy apps.

Annual Fee
OPN Membership $500
Industry Healthcare Track
(Available with OPN Membership only)
Oracle Health Millennium Platform Environment Access
(Available with Industry Health Track enrollment only)

The pricing is subject to change. Capacity may be limited. These fees apply to developers using certified APIs. Pricing may vary for developers using noncertified (proprietary) APIs.

Developers choosing to forgo the validation process may connect to and access API resources but will not have access to value-added services and must follow marketing guidelines outlined in the Terms and Conditions for Oracle Health APIs.

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