i.s.h.med for Healthcare Organizations

With our electronic health record (EHR) i.s.h.med, we provide full integration between clinical and operational workflows. Through our partnership with SAP, we offer healthcare organizations around the world the connectivity required to meet the needs of patients and health professionals alike.

Discover i.s.h.med

Combine clinical experience with administrative solutions

i.s.h.med is the only EHR that is fully integrated with SAP for Healthcare and can be relied upon to support your clinical strategy. i.s.h.med not only maps the patient’s complete clinical experience, but also seamlessly guides you further through your administrative and business transactions—securely, directly, and efficiently. i.s.h.med is internationally successful and locally tailored to offer a broad spectrum of benefits for a range of healthcare organizations.

Drive digitalized clinical processes forward

i.s.h.med Model System is our hospital process model. It supports our customers and simplifies their digitalization journey with a preconfigured and internationally proven i.s.h.med that is ready to evolve, complete with prebuilt clinical workflows and content.

It provides a rich set of functionalities to support the key clinical processes within the hospital, derived from a comprehensive template built specifically for i.s.h.med. These processes have been refined by our experience and that of external solution matter experts and customers using i.s.h.med solutions around the globe.

Therefore, it provides an optimized EHR with recommended workflows and templates supported by additional documentation to help to accelerate implementation, save time, and reduce costs.

Support clinical needs with i.s.h.med

i.s.h.med is the EHR you can rely on. It’s proven to support health and care processes in more than 700 hospitals globally and can provide a solid foundation for your clinical transformation. The combination of our deep healthcare expertise and SAP’s leading technology stack makes i.s.h.med unique.

Gain training and certifications with the i.s.h.med University

To help you learn more about i.s.h.med’s extensive portfolio, gain insight into the application, and optimize your clinical front-end processes, we offer customers and business partners training within the i.s.h.med University as well as i.s.h.med certifications to enhance implementation.

To capitalize on your investment in i.s.h.med, your team—including solution developers—must have the knowledge and skills required to successfully sell, implement, and support the application.

i.s.h.med Member Program

The i.s.h.med Member Program was developed to help bolster our relationship with our partners, who have the option to become Premium, Connected, or Solution Members.

About the i.s.h.med Member Program

Our goal is to provide premium services and solutions for customers to advance their care delivery and continuously grow our joint footprint within the healthcare industry. The i.s.h.med Member Program enables much closer collaboration by connecting you with our experts and promoting you as a marketplace partner—giving you greater opportunity to expand your business globally.

As a member, you can gain access to the following:

  • Highly qualified support throughout the whole sales and partnership cycle
  • Valuable information on upcoming updates and from fellow partners
  • Comprehensive training and certification curriculum
  • Attractive benefits based on membership status

Partnership plays a key role in the overall success of i.s.h.med as a global EHR. In fact, working with business partners has proven to be a mutually beneficial model for more than 25 years. Currently, we have a community of more than 35 experienced partners around the globe. Our i.s.h.med Member Program is an important element in our overall strategy to continuously grow through indirect distribution channels and to provide high-quality services and support to all our customers.

By successfully taking part in this program, you’ll have the infrastructure in place to get the latest i.s.h.med updates, connect and exchange information with other partners, and receive the certification—designed for partners—to demonstrate your expertise as an approved reseller.

Explore this section to see which organizations are already a part of the i.s.h.med Member Program.

  • Common MS

    Certified: Consultant/Developer

    Common MS is the leading provider of SAP Patient Management and i.s.h.med. We have deployed our solutions in 50+ healthcare organizations and 100+ institutions across 20+ countries in EMEA, LATAM, and MENA. We help customers to digitally transform their business, applying innovative technologies that will allow them to drive efficiencies, attract new patients, and improve care quality. Our Fiori UX eMed solution provides fully integrated i.s.h.med functionality in a more intuitive view.

  • Diyar

    Certified: Consultant/Developer

    Since it was founded in 1980, Diyar has been in the business of providing innovative Information and Communication Technology solutions and services in the Middle East region. Our solutions and services have been carefully selected to add value to our customers, while also addressing industry-specific challenges in various sectors including government, homeland security, oil, financial services, telecommunication, transportation, education, retail, and healthcare.

    We are committed to continually pursuing technical innovation, expanding our international technology alliances, investing in our intellectual property portfolio, and differentiating our services to contribute to the advancement of our society, citizens, governments, and countries.

    Our promise is to deliver “International Quality by Local Professionals."

  • Seidor

    Certified: Consultant/Developer

    Seidor is a multinational technology sector consultation firm, offering consulting, infrastructure services, implementation, development and maintenance of applications, plus outsourcing services. We have a direct presence on five continents and offer more than 15 years of experience in SAP Patient Management and i.s.h.med to accompany the digital transformation of healthcare institutions.

  • T-Systems Austria

    Certified: Consultant/Developer/Solution

    T-Systems Austria guides customers on the ways to digitalization. As a company, we offer integrated solutions for corporate customers. The long-standing business relationship between i.s.h.med and T-Systems Austria results in a strong, expert team of consultants and developers who will make the difference in your EHR projects. Our SAP Patient Management expert team, Add-On solutions for SAP Patient Management, and i.s.h.med complete the offering for your healthcare business.

  • T-Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

    Certified: Consultant/Developer

    With a footprint in more than 20 countries, 37,500 employees, and external revenue of 6.9 billion euros (2019), T-Systems is one of the world's leading vendor-independent providers of digital services headquartered in Europe.

    T-Systems is partnering with its customers as they address the digital transformation, offering the secure operation of legacy systems and classical ICT services, the transition to cloud-based services (including international networks, tailored infrastructure, platforms, and software), as well as new business models and innovation projects in the Internet of Things.

  • YASH Technologies

    Certified: Consultant/Developer

    YASH Technologies understands the complexities involved with running a healthcare institution, balancing both profitability on one side and best patient quality care on the other. YASH is the leader in SAP for Healthcare in the Middle East, having participated in end-to-end clinical implementation as well as solution localization. YASH Technologies offers products such as e-claims, Patient Portal, POS, and others. Our healthcare team has a dedicated consulting team based in the Middle East that is experienced in SAP Patient Management and the latest i.s.h.med releases and is supported by a worldwide network of resources specialized in various technologies.

  • Certified: Developer

  • Certified: Consultant

  • Certified: Consultant

  • Certified: Consultant/Developer

  • Certified: Developer

  • Certified: Consultant/Developer

  • Certified: Consultant

  • Certified: Consultant

  • Certified: Consultant

  • Certified: Developer

i.s.h.med solutions in a nutshell

  • Patient record

    The patient record allows users a complete view of an individual’s status—past and present. This comprehensive impression includes documents, lab orders, vital signs, appointments, and more, and can be accessed from the wider patient profile.

  • Clinical processes

    i.s.h.med provides complete datasets that are securely kept, correctly assigned, and quickly retrievable, allowing clinicians to optimize the time spent caring for their patients.

  • Inpatient

    Through i.s.h.med, your organization can check capacity, provide standardized individual medication plans, and ensure that clinicians are more easily able to follow the six rights of healthcare.

  • Outpatient

    Plan appointments, track follow-up treatment, and maintain a single record if an outpatient needs to be admitted—all through i.s.h.med.

  • Specialty

    i.s.h.med allows you to add specialty components to your standard system to provide specialists with the dedicated workflows they require to deliver the best care to their patients.

  • Service facility

    Service facility management in i.s.h.med offers extensive support for care units and outpatient clinics, communicating all relevant data to the departments that need it and enabling smooth operations.

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