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The Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform gives you unprecedented access to your data, enabling you to connect your hotel applications with OPERA Cloud for faster, more innovative product development and easier collaboration. Designed from the ground up to meet the demands of hospitality operators and integrators, Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform will open your hotel to a world of opportunities.

Learn how to use Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform's Rest API's to successfully manage your hotel operations by integrating all of your IT systems onto one platform. (2:30)

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  • Build integrations in hours not weeks or months. We’ve made available over 2k prebuilt recipes (contactless check in, checkout, housekeeping, cashiering, etc).
  • Intuitive and self-service experience end to end. From API discovery and use, app registration and production publication with just clicks.
  • Speedy API implementation by reusing, referencing or taking inspiration from our open-sourced API specs available in GitHub.

Open APIs for hotel property management

Oracle Hospitality’s commitment to accelerate innovation through integration is evident in our open APIs. The following list showcases v.1 APIs, which are all documented in the developer portal and available for subscription:

Open APIs for hotel property management

Oracle Hospitality’s commitment to accelerate innovation through integration is evident in our open APIs. The following list showcases v.1 APIs, which are all documented in the developer portal and available for subscription:

OPERA Cloud Activity API Makes available sales activity functionality for overseeing daily tasks such as appointments, sales calls, and contact follow-up.
OPERA Cloud Block API Focuses on business block functionality, regarding a group of rooms held for guests attending an event, meeting, or function. Create blocks for an array of purposes and set aside rooms for them.
OPERA Cloud Back Office Operations API Addresses end of day, which closes and balances each day’s business activities by reconciling guest folios and processing credit card transactions. End of day rolls the business date forward and prints final reports.
OPERA Cloud Customer Relationship Management API Provides access to profile management functionality. There are different types of profiles—including guest, company, and travel agent—and they store information about each.
OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management API Taps into the feature designed to manage any kind of catering activity, from a simple one-hour reception to a complex affair such as a three-day business meeting with meals, breaks, and specific room setup and resource requirements.
OPERA Cloud Front Desk Master Data Management API Grants access to master data configuration for front-office operations, including fetching past and future exchange rates.
OPERA Cloud Front Desk Operations Service API Caters to front-desk operations and statistics such as managing guest arrivals, in-house guests, and guest departures. Tackle additional tasks, including: making room assignments, creating registration cards, and sending messages to guests.
OPERA Cloud Housekeeping Service API Focuses on housekeeping functionality that allows scheduling of daily room cleaning, maintenance, and housekeeping staff activities. This functionality provides information about room status, out of order/out of service rooms, and forecasting.
OPERA Cloud Integration Processor API Addresses functionality to fetch business events generated in the property management system.
OPERA Cloud Inventory API Taps into inventory functionality, including establishing sell limits for date ranges, viewing and updating property inventory, and item inventory such as rollaways and microwaves.
OPERA Cloud List of Values Management API Provides access to list of value (LOV) functionality. Once configured by a property, users of this API can retrieve all configured codes, including, for example, titles.
OPERA Cloud Price Availability Rate API Manage room inventory by gaining a detailed view of all available and sold rooms at a property. Additional tasks that can be performed include defining conditions for stay restrictions and setting room sell limits.
OPERA Cloud Rate API Grants access to rate availability functionality, which delivers the tools needed to define and manage rate structures. For example, users can create and manage rate codes, rate classes, rate categories, and display sets, as well as manage promotion groups and codes.
OPERA Cloud Reservation API Focuses on reservations related functionality such as creating and updating reservations. It deals with a range of information, including arrival date, departure date, room type, rate, and packages, and serves as gateway to the myriad functions that contribute to the guest experience.
Authentication API Provides access to obtain JWT tokens based on resource owner password OAuth grant.

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