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Oracle Networking

Oracle Cloud networking and connectivity products and services allow you to manage and scale your networks. Connect securely to a customizable, isolated virtual cloud network (VCN) as the heart of your cloud deployment. Inexpensive data egress charges allow enterprises to save significant costs while extending their IT environment to the cloud. Oracle Cloud networking technologies provide connectivity solutions across your physical and virtual networks.

Dedicated connectivity to Oracle Cloud

Extend your on-premises environment to Oracle Cloud choosing one of more than 50 Fast Connect partners. Transfer data to the cloud and back over private lines with customer-defined bandwidth levels.

Oracle virtual cloud networks (VCNs)

Oracle offers more virtual networks, more subnets, and higher limits for route tables than the competition.

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Why customers choose Oracle Cloud Networking and Connectivity

RDMA cluster networking for HPC

Oracle’s cluster networking provides access to RDMA over converged Ethernet (RoCE) v2 and a 100 Gbps network to create HPC clusters with microsecond latencies—ideal for the highest throughput, lowest latency, and most demanding HPC workloads.

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Global traffic management

Global traffic management provides accurate internet health monitoring and automated traffic shaping, maximizing uptime for your applications and websites.

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Flexible Load Balancing

OCI Load Balancing enables customers to distribute web requests across a fleet of servers or automatically route traffic across fault domains, availability domains, or regions—yielding high availability and fault tolerance for any application or data source. OCI Flexible Load Balancing provides instant readiness and dynamic scalability for your workloads.

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Oracle Networking products

On-premises–level control in the cloud

Oracle virtual cloud networks (VCNs) provide a customizable and private network in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Just like a traditional data center network, the VCN provides you with complete control over your network environment. This includes assigning your own private IP address space, creating subnets and route tables, and configuring stateful firewalls.

Key features
  • Fully configurable IP addresses
  • 10 VCNs per region
  • Up to 300 subnets per region
  • 300 route tables per VCN
  • Up to 100 rules per route table
  • Bring your own IP Address (BYOIP)

Run HPC workloads with minimal latency

Oracle’s cluster networking provides RDMA (remote direct memory access) over converged Ethernet (RoCE) v2 and a 100 Gbps network to create HPC clusters with microsecond latencies—ideal for the most demanding HPC workloads.

HPC use cases
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Molecular modeling
  • Automobile collision emulation
  • 3D video rendering and animation
  • Weather forecast modeling
  • Financial risk simulations
  • Contextual search
  • Deep learning, AI, and machine learning

Private, dedicated connection into Oracle Cloud

Oracle FastConnect allows customers to connect directly to their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure virtual cloud network via dedicated, private, high-bandwidth connections. Move data over the dedicated line at a low, flat monthly rate based on the port speed chosen, not the amount of data transferred.

Key features
  • Predictable connectivity via deterministic paths
  • More than 50 FastConnect partners
  • Colocation cross-connects available
  • No charge for inbound or outbound data

Connect securely with Oracle Cloud VPN

Site-to-Site VPN allows you to establish an encrypted IPSec connection (with two IPsec tunnels) from your on-premises data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, keeping your data secure while using your existing internet connections.

Key features
  • Static routing
  • BGP dynamic routing
  • Preshared keys
  • IKEv1 and IKEv2
  • Diffie-Hellman groups 1, 2, 5, 14, 19, 20
  • AES 256
  • SHA-2 256 and SHA-2 384
  • HMAC-SHA-196 and HMAC-SHA-256-128

Increasing application availability

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Flexible Load Balancing enables customers to distribute requests across a fleet of servers or automatically route traffic across availability domains, yielding highly available and fault-tolerant applications. The portfolio consists of two services—Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Flexible Load Balancer (OCI Load Balancer) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Flexible Network Load Balancer (OCI Network Load Balancer).

Key Flexible Load Balancer features
  • Layer 4 (TCP) and layer 7 (HTTP) proxy load balancer
  • Guaranteed and flexible bandwidth (bursting)
  • SSL offload/termination
  • Cookie-based session persistence
  • Supports TLS 1.2
Key Flexible Network Load Balancer features
  • Layer 3 and Layer 4 (TCP/UDP/ICMP) pass-through load balancer
  • Low latency
  • Optimized for long-lived connections
  • Source and destination IP preservation

Ensure optimal website and web application performance

Public DNS provides high availability and global traffic shaping for your applications no matter where they run, ensuring optimal website and web application performance.

Key features
  • Active failover
  • Ratio load balancing
  • Geolocation steering
  • ASN and IP prefix steering
  • Secondary DNS redundancy

Service Gateway

Oracle Cloud Service Gateway provides a customer’s on-premises network with private access to Oracle Cloud services. Once connected to your VCN, Service Gateway allows secure, private connectivity to Oracle Cloud services like compute instances, cloud storage, containers, and databases.

Key features
  • Private access to Oracle Cloud
  • Network traffic avoids public internet
  • End-to-end network security
  • Connect with VPN or FastConnect
  • Easy to configure
  • Works with 50+ Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services
  • Adapts to network changes
  • Gateway support for NAT, DRG, LPG

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect partners

Connect directly to Oracle Cloud via dedicated, private, and high bandwidth connections.

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Dec 17, 2019

How to Launch a Virtual Cloud Network Using the Networking Quickstart Wizard and Connect to Your Autonomous Database

Can Tuzla, Senior Product Manager

A virtual cloud network (VCN) is a virtual, private network you set up in Oracle data centers. It is very similar to a traditional network with firewall rules and various gateways. When you work with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), setting up a VCN for your cloud resources is usually one of the first things that you might be doing.

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