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The Smarter and Faster Way to Code

NetBeans IDE is a free and open source integrated development environment for application development on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris operating systems.

The IDE simplifies the development of web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications that use the Java and HTML5 platforms. The IDE also offers support for the development of PHP and C/C++ applications.

NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE Provides Free and Comprehensive Support for Key Oracle Technologies and Platforms



NetBeans IDE offers first-class tools for Java web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile application development. It is consistently the first IDE to support the latest versions of the JDK, Java EE, and JavaFX. It provides smart overviews to help you understand and manage your applications, including ouf-of-the-box support for popular technologies such as Maven.

With its end-to-end application development features, constantly improving Java Editor, and continual speed and performance enhancements, NetBeans IDE sets the standard for application development with cutting edge technologies out of the box.

See: NetBeans Docs & Support

Oracle Database

Oracle Database

Oracle Database can be registered and accessed directly from the IDE. The IDE supports both OCI and Thin JDBC connections to the Oracle Database. Full data access features are provided out of the box, such as the ability to read, create, update and delete data directly within the IDE, supported by a feature rich SQL Editor.

See:Connecting to Oracle Database from NetBeans IDE

Oracle WebLogic Application Server

Oracle WebLogic Application Server

The Oracle WebLogic Application Server can be registered in the IDE and applications can be deployed to it. Deployed applications, together with their related resources, can be viewed in the IDE.

See: Developing an Enterprise Application for Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

The Oracle Java Cloud Service offers enterprise hosting of Java EE applications. You can connect to the Oracle Java Cloud Service directly from the IDE for easy deployment.

See: Running Web Applications on Oracle Cloud

Oracle Coherence.

Oracle Coherence

The Oracle Coherence server can be registered and used in the IDE. Supporting tools such as code generators are provided.

See: Oracle Coherence Plugin

Related Oracle Technologies

MySQL and the GlassFish Application Server have equivalent support to the Oracle Database server and the Oracle WebLogic Application server described above.


Community Success Stories

"At Liquid Robotics, our use of NetBeans IDE is all about integration. There's the seamless integration of development tools and Java technologies within NetBeans IDE, but it's also very good at integrating external features, for example, Jenkins, which we use for our build server, Git (via GitBlit), which is our source code repository, JIRA for bug tracking, Maven for running builds, and Artifactory for maintaining the artifacts created from the builds. Then there's the code we're writing—we have our own in-the-cloud data repository, a pile of web applications, some Java desktop applications, and code that runs on the robot using the JDK 7 embedded ARM VM. Being able to debug and do performance monitoring directly on an embedded device is huge. I was a very early adopter of NetBeans IDE 7.3, which introduced this feature, just because of its support for embedded profiling."
- James Gosling, founder of Java and chief software architect, Liquid Robotics. (Oracle Technology Network)

"NetBeans IDE is the key development environment for the Payara engineering team for developing Payara Server, a drop-in replacement for GlassFish, with full 24/7 software support. We use GIT and Maven throughout our development lifecycle and the NetBeans support for these tools is first rate. As we are building a Java EE 7 application server, the extensive tooling in NetBeans for the rapid creation of Java EE applications means that our engineers can rapidly build Java EE test cases and example applications to put Payara through its paces. In addition, the built-in integration with GlassFish means we can point NetBeans at a Payara installation, and then deploy and debug Java EE 7 applications on the server immediately. We’ve found the IDE is very intuitive with great depth for experienced developers and also very easy for new developers and interns to get to grips with quickly."
- Steve Millidge, Payara Founder, Payara.

"We needed tools that would shield the complexity of building RESTful web services and instead would allow us to focus on domain-specific functionality as much as possible. NetBeans IDE enables us to do exactly that because it is a feature-rich IDE that allows for rapid application development by means of design pattern templates and many advanced editor features, such as smart and expressive code completion."
- Ed van Velzen, IT Director, Amnesty International (Customer Case Study (PDF))

"We have found that NetBeans IDE is fast at introducing new features that ease Java EE development and integrates perfectly with popular tools like Maven. In fact, we consider NetBeans IDE to provide the best Maven integration of any IDE we have encountered."

- Çağatay Çivici, PrimeFaces Lead, Prime Teknoloji, the company behind PrimeFaces, the popular Java Server Faces 2.0 component library, and provider of enterprise support services to several Fortune 500 clients. (Customer Case Study, Oracle Press Release)

"NetBeans IDE meets our requirements out of the box. That's important to us, because we don't like spending time finding, installing, and configuring plugins for essential features. We are impressed with the quality and attention to detail that pervades the NetBeans IDE product, with steady improvements release after release."

- David Gilbert, founder and technical lead of, provider of JFreeChart, the popular Java charting and reporting library. (Customer Case Study (PDF))

"NetBeans IDE has been an invaluable tool for teaching Java and C++ courses to our clients. The IDE is intuitive, fun to learn, and easily configurable. The out-of-box installation is a plus and lets students get up to speed quickly. Many subsequently adopt the IDE for their projects at work. NetBeans IDE 8 is particularly useful because students can use the IDE to convert older Java code to the newer Java 8 lambdas and streams."

- Paul Anderson, Director of Training, and Gail Anderson, Director of Research, Anderson Software Group, provider of training courses in Java and JavaFX, C++, Python and Perl, OOD and UML, Linux, and C#.

"NetBeans IDE is easy and intuitive to use and has helped in learning the Java language, while also providing all the productivity tools we need, such as a fullblown Profiler, powerful tools for deployment to the Raspberry Pi, and native integration with the Mercurial versioning system."

- John Sirach, founder and technical lead of PiDome, an open source embedded home automation framework. (Customer Case Study (PDF))

"NetBeans is a modern, lightweight and fully capable IDE. It is unique among current open-source IDEs, in that it is the most advanced for addressing our primary challenges. NetBeans IDE presents standard operations in a way that really minimizes hunting around and wasting time, to find out how to accomplish what you need to do."

- Vince Sheard, Manager of MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment at Microchip Technology Inc. (Oracle Interview)

"NetBeans has allowed the development team to save significant time; the ready to use solutions, design patterns and guidelines help to achieve a solid and consistent design of our application."

- Angelo D'Agnano, software architect at the NATO Programming Centre, award winner of community Duke's Choice Award in 2012, for MICE, a high-performance visualization environment for conducting air defense and battle-space operations. (Oracle Press Release)

"NetBeans reduces complexity in development processes. The same tools that are used for development, continuous integration, and delivery are seamlessly available inside the IDE. NetBeans does not get in the way and enables distraction-free development and training in new technologies and techniques."

- Michael Simons, General Manager ENERKO Informatik GmbH, ENERKO Informatik GmbH.

"Suyara was built from the ground up in NetBeans IDE. Thanks to the speed of the IDE, its flexibility, and its constant improvements from release to release, the integration of the IDE with our workflow and our development environment was smooth and intuitive."

- Matia Zanella, Founder and CEO of Suyara,, a data storage platform mainly developed in PHP, together with custom JavaScript and JQuery. (Customer Case Study (PDF))

"At, our engineers use NetBeans IDE for Java EE development. The support in NetBeans IDE for the latest Java EE specifications such as JAX-RS and CDI annotations, together with GlassFish, keeps our team highly productive. NetBeans IDE's extensible Ant-based build mechanism lets us easily orchestrate custom tasks and run builds on headless staging servers and its Java editor features, such as Java hints, have also been helpful in learning of new JDK constructs, as well as identifying potential bugs."

- Cyril Bouteille, vice president of engineering,, a consumer payment service that lets consumers redeem their credit card rewards points, hotel points, or airline miles to safely and securely pay for goods and services at leading online merchants. (Oracle Press Release)

"As NetBeans IDE users since 2003, throughout the years, NetBeans IDE has continuously offered great support for the tools and methodologies we use. Its Java Editor integrates well with our development processes, thanks to its integrated Javadoc, syntax highlighting, source control tools, refactoring tools and profiler. Our development teams like the range of new tools in the latest NetBeans IDE releases, in particular the natural interaction of the development environment with the browser, as well as the JDK 8 development tools."

- Henry Arousell, head of product development, Björn Lundén Information. (Oracle Press Release)

"NetBeans IDE has been our primary IDE for developing advanced Java web applications for the insurance industry, since 2006. It has proven to be a stable and reliable environment and the versioning support has been seamless through migrations from CVS to Subversion and more recently to Git. The built-in integration with Glassfish, Tomcat, and MySQL enables us to set up development environments simply and quickly. We also like the HTML5 features for Java application development, while leveraging the support for Scala, as we move into a more polygot approach to development."

- Greg Hall, CTO, Evolution Underwriting Group.

"We particularly appreciate NetBeans IDE for its quality. It is a well integrated Java EE development environment with the capacity to also seamlessly support non Java EE frameworks, such as JavaScript and CSS. We also like Git support in NetBeans IDE and its capability to rely on Maven for project descriptions. Moreover, NetBeans IDE's performance and memory usage have been improved from release to release. In our opinion, NetBeans is the best open source Java IDE."

- Florent Garin, Managing Partner, DocDoku.

"NetBeans IDE is way ahead of other IDEs, as far as Java programming is concerned. As for web programming, we have found NetBeans IDE's flexibility for debugging JavaScript, HTML, and CSS very useful. Features such as full-featured syntax highlighting, code completion, and instant documentation for all files are tools we use on a day to day basis."

- Yusuf Abdulla Shunan, Managing Director, Maldicore Group.

"We needed to manage our growing code base and speed up the creation of artifacts in our application. NetBeans IDE responds to these needs out of the box. Our code is certainly much more manageable and cleaner than it would have been without NetBeans IDE."

- Carl Kabbe, Founder & Chief Operations Officer, eTrak-Plus, provider of complete park & recreation management solutions. (Customer Case Study (PDF) )

"Agile development with NetBeans IDE is very good. In particular, NetBeans IDE's functionality that helps with refactoring and versioning support has been extremely helpful in the development of our solutions for legal drafting and statute management."

- Sean McGrath, CTO, Propylon, market leader in legislative and regulatory content intelligence solutions. (Customer Case Study (PDF))

"As long-term users of NetBeans IDE, we started the process of migrating to the new Java EE specifications with RESTful Web Services and an HTML5 frontend. With NetBeans IDE and its HTML5 tools, our backend Java engineers and frontend web designers are able to use the same IDE, which simplifies and speeds up pur development processes. Finally, the whole team is able to 'speak' the same IDE."

- Nicolas Eysseric, Vice President Engineering, Silverpeas, a collaborative portal solution for creating intranets in just a few clicks. (Customer Case Study, Oracle Press Release)

"NetBeans IDE and Java EE are indispensable to us. We have been using NetBeans IDE for 10 years or more and migrated to Java EE for its simplicity. Our business processes are complicated enough as it is, that's why we are thrilled by the simplicity offered by NetBeans and Java EE."

- George Sotiros, vice president of Information Systems, Weyco Group, Inc, which designs and markets quality and innovative footwear via wholesale and retail distribution, as well as online web-based sales. (Customer Case Study, Oracle Press Release)

"We standardized on NetBeans IDE as our Java IDE of choice eight years ago and each new release continues to reinforce our decision. The IDE is very easy due to its natural and user-friendly design and the support for Java EE and multiple languages is essential for building maintainable code for our expanding services."

- Ernest C. Lötter, Director and Head of Computational Seismology, Institute of Mine Seismology. (Oracle Press Release)

"Codename One is developed in NetBeans IDE and has a huge portion of its users in the NetBeans community. The speed with which we have been able to develop the Codename One plugin in the IDE is a testament to the efficiency of the tools it provides."

- Shai Almog, CEO, Codename One, which aims to make mobile device development possible & practical for all developers. (Customer Case Study (PDF))

"NetBeans IDE has been a critical tool in delivering our PDF/HTML5 solutions to our customers on time. We have been impressed with its stability and performance and eagerly look forward to each new release."

- Mark Stephens, CEO, IDRsolutions, specialist in PDF and HTML5 solutions. (Customer Case Study (PDF), Oracle Press Release)

"NetBeans IDE is a highly productive development tool, with constantly improving stability and performance. It has the support of a vibrant development community that responds quickly to any issues encountered in the IDE or feature requests."

- Pablo Rodriguez, Director, Anahata Technologies. (Customer Case Study (PDF))

"The Maven support in NetBeans IDE integrates very well with our projects, libraries, and build processes. Building, deploying, check outs, and testing are now reduced to one-click tasks."

- Thorsten Hell, CEO, cismet. (Customer Case Study (PDF))

"NetBeans IDE has been very useful to us in showing that Java EE is simple and easy to use, enabling us to develop a range of enterprise and corporate applications. The integration of NetBeans IDE with GlassFish, with its intuitive and responsive deployment features, brings back the fun to developers."

- Vinicius Senger, CEO, Globalcode, Duke's Choice Award Winner 2011.

"NetBeans IDE allows our developers to build high quality applications quickly and easily. We use the IDE to create web applications using the Java EE platform, as well as PHP, JavaScript, and Ajax. We really appreciate the IDE's out-of-box plugins, especially its first class support for Git and Maven. We take advantage of numerous features, such as the profiling and refactoring tools, which help us debug and maintain dozens of our applications."

- Wojciech Zwiefka, CTO, Wirtualna Polska. (Oracle Press Release)

"NetBeans IDE provides everything we need out of the box. Its out-of-the-box experience for Java EE development is easy for us to set up and get started using right away. NetBeans IDE consistently allows us to quickly introduce new technologies into our development team."

- Zoran Sevarac, CEO, Net Link Solutions. (Customer Case Study (PDF))

NetBeans IDE is freely available in a variety of free download bundles:

 NetBeans IDE download bundles

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Note: When you download the Java SE Development Kit, you can optionally include NetBeans IDE at the same time. Click here for details.