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This is a free architecture design service for Oracle customers and partners worldwide, helping you get the most value possible from your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) deployments.

Get the most value from your OCI deployment

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1. Download the OCI Architecture Diagram Toolkit in one of the following formats:

Draft your own diagram, or take advantage of our pre-populated templates.

2. Submit your diagram

Our team of senior architects and field CTOs will review your diagram and then contact you to schedule a discovery session.

- Submit your diagram

Watch this tutorial for help designing a container-based architecture for cloud native applications on Oracle Cloud (27:22).

See also: Tutorial for help creating reference architecture diagrams for migrating on-premises applications to Oracle Cloud (18:41)

Built & Deployed featured reference architectures

Flip through the Built & Deployed featured reference architectures to learn how companies are deploying cloud native applications in a container-based architecture on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Microservices reference architectures

Kubernetes reference architectures

Cloud Native reference architectures

Multicloud reference architectures

E-Business Suite architectures

PeopleSoft reference architectures

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