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Blockchain Customer Stories

Retraced logo

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Platform Ensures Ethical Sourcing in Fashion



Having the infrastructure, database, and blockchain application running on one platform made it so much easier for us to expand our platform very quickly and at scale.
Peter Merkert, Cofounder and CTO, retraced
MTO Global logo

MTO Global Gains a Secure and Reliable Integrated Mileage Platform with Oracle


MTO Global Co.

Thanks to Oracle Blockchain Platform, we not only built a revolutionary blockchain business model, but also have the confidence of potential alliance partners.
Sungjin Kang, Senior Managing Director, MTO Global Co., Ltd.
HealthSync logo

HealthSync Uses Oracle Blockchain Platform to Power More Intelligent Healthcare



Oracle Blockchain Platform enables our HealthSync Platform to aggregate data in a distributed ledger, giving providers a secure, single source of truth for better decision-making.
Moses Rajan, CEO, HealthSync Inc.
Finotek logo

Finotek Securely Established a Powerful Blockchain Platform with Oracle Cloud


Finotek Health

We chose Hyperledger-based Oracle Blockchain Platform. It beats competitors in both performance and cost effectiveness.
KyuTae Park, Manager, Finotek Co., Ltd.
Seres logo

SERES Delivers Faster and Safer Invoicing on Oracle Blockchain Platform



Oracle Blockchain Platform enables us to provide transactional services with guarantees to our clients, notifying them of every stage of the process with complete security and transparency.
Chema Mínguez Gutiérrez, Transactional Services Manager, SERES
Arab Jordan Investment Bank logo

Arab Jordan Investment Bank Expedites Cross-Border Money Transfers with Oracle Blockchain


Arab Jordan Investment Bank

Oracle delivers an enterprise-grade blockchain platform with high resiliency, scalability, and security.
Ayman Qadoumi, Deputy General Manager, Information Technology and Security, Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB)
Cargo Smart logo

CargoSmart Improves Customers’ Operational Efficiency with Oracle



We are leveraging blockchain to simplify complex shipping documentation processes and improve customers' operational efficiency by building a collaborative network. Oracle Blockchain Platform enables a shorter application delivery lead time.
Steve Siu, CEO, CargoSmart Limited
iPoint logo

iPoint-systems Boosts Competitiveness and Innovation with Oracle



Oracle Cloud opens up enormous growth opportunities and a new chapter in our successful corporate development.
Hans-Gerhard Lang, Director Global Sales & Alliances, iPoint-systems gmbh
Neurosoft logo

Neurosoft Leverages Oracle Blockchain Platform to Ease Invoice Factoring



Oracle Blockchain Platform is a natural fit for the invoice factoring industry to streamline previously fragmented data from disparate systems to a single source of truth that can be trusted by all parties involved.
Nikolaos Vasilonikolidakis, CEO, Neurosoft S.A.
Circulor logo

Circulor Offers Transparency for Mineral Sourcing with Oracle Blockchain Platform



Oracle Blockchain Platform enables us to transparently record and share the source of all raw materials using distributed ledger, which prevents unethically sourced minerals from passing through the supply chain.
Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO, Circulor
IntellectEU logo

IntellectEU Leads Blockchain Adoption in Financial Services with Oracle



Oracle Blockchain Platform delivers high-performance, trusted data, and security right of out the box—and can be quickly integrated with existing applications.
Hanna Zubko, CEO, Cofounder, IntellectEU Inc.
Certified Origins Italia S.r.l. logo

Certified Origins Italia Enhances Supply Chain Traceability and Trust with Oracle Blockchain Platform


Certified Origins Italia S.r.l.

Managing traceability with blockchain technology is the logical progression of the whole traceability process for our Bellucci Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Andrea Biagianti, Chief Information Officer, Certified Origins Italia S.r.l.