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Domande di tendenza

Networking and connectivity across your physical and virtual network

Extend your IT infrastructure with highly customizable virtual cloud networks (VCN) and connectivity services offering predictable and consistent performance, isolation, and availability.

Networking Cloud


Networking and Connectivity

  • Service Quality
    Isolate and optimize your applications for performance and security, eliminating noisy neighbors.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    Run enterprise workloads in the cloud with secure and redundant VPN connectivity.
  • Mission-Critical
    Expect consistent high network performance in the cloud, backed by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SLA.
  • Flexible
    Customize your VCNs to mirror your internal networks, or build new network topologies with fine-grain control.

Edge Services

  • Security
    Create a protective perimeter that inspects all traffic targeting your web application and API resources.
  • Performance
    Automatically steer queries and messages, ensuring lightning-fast application responses and better message placement around the world.
  • Resiliency
    Monitor the path between users and resources, and adapt to changes and outages with no user impact.
  • Cross-Cloud Support
    Deploy in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, on-premise environments, and across hybrid cloud and multicloud environments.