Java Management Service (JMS)

Java Management Service (JMS) is a reporting and management service within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It enables you to use the Oracle Cloud to observe and manage the use of Java in your enterprise including on-premise, third-party cloud, and OCI services.

Java Management Service offers two levels of capabilities:

  1. Basic features which include Java discovery and usage tracking capabilities. Basic features are available to all Java users.
  2. Advanced features which provide information not only on the Java Runtimes in your systems but on the applications that use them as well as tools for managing Java installations. Advanced Features are available only to licensees of Java SE Subscription products and for those running their workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle releases updates to all Java SE Supported releases every three months according to Oracle's Critical Patch Updates schedule. These updates address potential security vulnerabilities, fix critical bugs, and provide performance and security improvements that should be applied by all Java users as quickly as possible.

The basic features of JMS include discovering instances of Oracle Java Runtimes installed in your systems, creating a list of applications that rely on those runtimes, and identifying which releases should be updated.

  • The basic JMS features are available to all Java users.
  • An Oracle Cloud Account is required to access JMS service.
    • Free accounts are available for JMS service.
  • All user JMS Data is stored in the user's object storage

Advanced JMS Features help you gain additional insights into Java workloads and offer greater control such as allowing administrators to apply updates to Java Runtimes, report potential vulnerabilities (CVE) associated with 3rd party Java libraries used by applications, and analyze potential impact of changes in the Java Cryptographic Roadmap. Advanced JMS Features are available to Java SE Customers and to customers running their Java workloads in OCI.

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