Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Service—Datasheet

Key benefits

  • Predictive analysis helps identify and address issues across the project lifecycle before they can adversely impact the project
  • Improved construction project productivity through proactive, fast decision making
  • A connected data set helps provide a more accurate and complete view of the project
  • Identifies ‘hidden’ data relationships and patterns/trends
  • Predictions get more personalized and accurate over time due to in-built self-learning capabilities
  • Rapid time to value due to predictive intelligence ‘out of the box’
  • Leverages project data to learn for future projects

CIC Advisor – how it works

  • CIC Advisor connects data across Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions to create a complete view across your projects and lifecycle phases
  • CIC Advisor leverages this connected data set to make predictions about project parameters including schedule, risk, cost and resources
  • Predictions and recommendations are driven by custom algorithms and models that are built and trained with historical project data
  • The model is fine tuned to suit the specific needs of the organization through real-time feedback, manual retraining and data-based auto–training as the project progresses

Unlock the power of your data with a suite of AI and analytics solutions that delivers active intelligence, so you can make proactive decisions and continuously improve project outcomes.

The Challenges of Data Analysis

Construction and engineering projects face many challenges, at both industry and operational levels. From an industry perspective, schedule slippage is almost impossible to avoid, budget blowouts are commonplace and profit margins are extremely tight.

Operationally, projects rely on retrospective indicators for reporting and analysis, measuring the performance of historical activities. This limits the ability to address issues before they have a major impact on project outcomes. Data sources are often heavily siloed and integrations between systems are difficult. This makes insights more fragmented and getting a single, complete project view difficult. Leveraging meaningful data insights is further hampered by the inability of systems to learn from past decisions and provide insights tailored to organizations.

These factors all contribute to suboptimal decision-making, increasing risks around time, cost, quality and safety.

Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Service unlocks the power of your data for active intelligence.

The Solution: Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Service

The Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Service (CIC) is a suite of artificial intelligence and analytics solutions purpose built for the engineering and construction industry that leverage all your project data to help you make proactive, informed project decisions.

The first Oracle CIC offering, Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud Advisor (CIC Advisor) utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to deliver true predictive intelligence to help organizations uncover potential future risks, assess their impact and take proactive actions to improve overall project outcomes. CIC Advisor continuously identifies hidden risks that need to be actioned such as schedule delays, poor schedule quality, budget over-runs, resource bottlenecks and process inefficiencies. It provides advanced warnings and ‘learns’ over time improving the accuracy of predictions, so you can take pre-emptive action early.

Unlock the Power of your Data

Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud (CIC) Advisor integrates your engineering and construction data across all your project, portfolio and asset lifecycles including planning, scheduling and construction into a complete and robust dataset which is vital in generating accurate and actionable insights.

Much More than a Business Intelligence Tool

Unlike other business intelligence tools that only generate lag indicators, focusing on what has happened, CIC Advisor provides advanced warnings, predicting what can happen and the underlying causes. It’s a continuous risk radar that is actively looking for warning signs across your project so that you can focus on the things that matter the most on a day-to-day basis.

CIC Advisor – Key Capabilities

  • Machine learning driven predictions across schedule, budget, risks and resources, collaboration
  • Connected data across Oracle Primavera P6, Oracle Primavera Cloud, and Oracle Aconex
  • Fully cloud based solution
  • Benchmarking capabilities
  • Enhanced risk identification capabilities
Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud (CIC) Advisor screenshot
Figure 1. Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud (CIC) Advisor.

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