Manage, control, and perform day-to-day retail merchandising activities with confidence, including purchasing, distribution, order fulfillment, retail inventory management, and financial close. Choose a retail merchandising system that provides the building blocks for innovation and growth.

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Expand Retail Merchandising with a foundation built for growth

Create an endless aisle with a retail management system that manages inventory across every shopping journey

Manage, control, and perform seamless execution of day-to-day merchandising activities, including purchasing, distribution, order fulfillment, and financial close.

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Automate accounting and invoice matching for cross-channel interactions

Manage the matching, reconciliation, and payment of supplier invoices with a configurable, automated solution. Resolve identified exceptions using workflows that are aligned with business policies.

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Capture a consolidated, cross-channel view of sales and returns

Process and validate all sales transactions from all channels. Ensure clean and consistent sales information while managing discrepancies by exception.

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Align price management to corporate strategy by channel, brand, or region

Implement a complete, rules-based pricing engine that supports regular, promotional, and clearance pricing across all touchpoints.

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“C&A Mexico needed to modernize our retail operation across the store, marketplace, and digital channels to stay competitive and serve our customers.”

Alberto Ibarra CIO, C&A Mexico

Merchandising single source of truth for your retail sales, inventory, and order data

Drive allocation decisions with machine learning at the core

Deliver products to the right place at the right time with a powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use method of allocating merchandise. Effectively allocate products through their lifecycle to get them in front of the right shoppers.

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Ensure sustainable and responsible sourcing

Evaluate merchandising suppliers and enable the assessment and governance of ethical, environmental, safety, and quality performance to protect your brand from supply chain risks and improve sustainability.

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Enhance the customer experience with real-time inventory management and visibility

Access accurate store-stock data to execute seamless commerce anywhere through consistent, efficient, and effective in-store processes and procedures.

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Curate merchandising insights to evaluate sales and profit contribution by division

Identify actionable merchandising opportunities across touchpoints, including back orders and returns, top/bottom sellers, demand, fulfillment, and price and promotion analysis.

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Office Depot Mexico increases accuracy and visibility into the movement of products across channels
Cape Union Mart elevates its merchandise assortment and operations with Oracle Cloud
PEPCO Group centralized inventory management for better margins and visibility into inventory
C&A modernizes Mexican operations across channels for up-to-date seasonal fashion collections

Merchandising resources

Take out the merchandising overhead costs with the cloud

Retailers need a more efficient way to manage their businesses—and it starts with allowing cloud-based AI processes to control things they don’t want to or can’t afford to do.

See why IDC positioned Oracle as a leader in retail merchandising solutions

The IDC report assesses the capabilities and strategies of leading enterprise software vendors in serving the specific needs of retail companies worldwide by evaluating their success in executing basic merchandising activities such as item management, inventory tracking, purchasing, and vendor management.

Discover how retailers everywhere are leveraging retail technology

Oracle's Retail Asset Community Knowledge (RACK) portal is a treasure trove of material ranging from Oracle Retail customer journeys to global event proceedings and the latest updates on Oracle Retail roadmaps.

What is merchandising?

The right merchandising strategy often can be the difference between high sales and a struggling retail enterprise.

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