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TGI Fridays Brings Bigger, Better Rewards to Customers with Oracle

Restaurant chain transforms its diner loyalty reward program with Oracle CrowdTwist to better engage customers with exciting new offers

Austin, Texas—May 15, 2023
TGI Fridays

Famous for its creative appetizers and Big Ribs, restaurant chain TGI Fridays has ordered up Oracle CrowdTwist loyalty and engagement to power its new bigger, better Fridays Rewards program launched this month. With CrowdTwist supporting almost 300 Fridays locations across the US, diners can quickly join via the all-new Fridays mobile app, website, or at a restaurant. Rewards can then easily be redeemed for free food, whether patrons dine-in, order online, or get it to-go, making it even easier to experience “that Fridays feeling.”

“With Oracle CrowdTwist we have been able to streamline the rewards process, making it easier than ever for our guests to earn and claim everyday rewards,” said Lindsay Eichten, CRM, Loyalty and Media, TGI Fridays. “Now, we can provide a simplified, yet higher-value experience to both our guests and staff. This has built the groundwork for future enhancements. It’s so nice to have a feature-rich platform where we can continue to build exciting new options into our rewards program that keep customers engaged and coming back for more.”

CrowdTwist loyalty and engagement is a cloud application that helps companies extend customer relationships beyond the point of transaction. It captures data every time customers engage with a brand to build a full 360-degree profile that can be used to personalize interactions and offerings that increase profitability while strengthening customer relationships and retention. Take a tour of CrowdTwist in action.


Increasing loyalty from free fries to a birthday surprise

Prior to CrowdTwist, Fridays rewards members were required to download the brand’s mobile app to create a rewards account, forcing them to switch back and forth between the app and email to ensure their account was verified and rewards were properly tied to their account. Now, the streamlined process allows diners to simply provide their phone number to their server to access all of their rewards directly in the point of sale. In tandem, Friday’s can use the information to deliver a better, more personalized loyalty experience that engages guests with more meaningful offers.

For example, to kick off the program, Fridays is offering loyalty members enough bonus points to earn a free entrée on their first purchase over $25 before June 12, 2023.

“Loyalty has taken center stage as restaurants have increased their focus on authentic engagement and personalizing guest experiences,” said Simon de Montfort Walker, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Food and Beverage. “Oracle CrowdTwist is helping Fridays capture valuable customer data to ensure customers remain the number one priority, and are ushering in a new era of digital rewards and customer loyalty programs to improve the guest experience.”

Find out more at Oracle Food and Beverage and Oracle CrowdTwist.

TGI Fridays selected Oracle in Q1 FY2023.

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