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Unlock Hidden Potential With Data

In the fast-paced world of digital advertising, Oracle Data Cloud has built its legacy on finding the signal through the noise. Whatever corner of the industry you’re in: brands, agencies, publishers, or technology platforms, we bring together data and technology that helps you better understand your audience, where to best engage them, and how to measure it all.


Drive Better Business Outcomes

Discover how our solutions across audience, context, and measurement give marketers the data and tools needed for every stage of the marketing journey, from audience planning to data management, brand safety, fraud protection, contextual relevance, viewability confirmation, and ROI measurement.

Join Oracle Data Cloud—Be more than just an employee, be part of a team.

Global Industry Leading Origins

Oracle Data Cloud combines the leading technologies and talent from Oracle’s acquisitions of AddThis, BlueKai, Crosswise, Datalogix, Grapeshot, and Moat to help digital advertising companies drive better business outcomes across more than 100 countries.

Global Industry Leading Origins
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