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Week of September 21, 2020

This week: Hear from Larry Ellison on how continued innovation keeps Oracle Database on top, and from EVP Clay Magouyrk on how to get cloud security right. Then, learn about the essential work of keeping garbage collectors safe. Also: Java resists infatuation in favor of pragmatism.
“We’re seeing very rapid adoption of Oracle Database Cloud@Customer among our very largest customers, and this is just the beginning.”
Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman and CTO
Earnings fy21 q1
Innovation wins
Customers stay with Oracle Database because of Oracle’s continued innovation in security, reliability, and performance—at dramatically lower cost, says Larry Ellison.
Clay Magouyrk business insider
Blame game
Clay Magouyrk, executive VP of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, tells Business Insider that rivals are getting cloud security wrong and blaming security breaches on their customers.
Protecting ‘waste warriors’
McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing protects essential workers who brave hazards to pick up our refuse.
Java’s pragmatism
Java is changing constantly, but responsibly, “not driven by infatuation, but by pragmatism,” says Venkat Subramaniam, Java Champion, author, entrepreneur, and instructional professor at the University of Houston.
Python spatial
Build location-based apps
Learn how the spatial features in Oracle Database can power mobile apps built with Python.
Tech library
PL/SQL 101, Part 1: Building with blocks

Oracle Fleet Patching & Provisioning with Oracle (Autonomous) Database 19c

Automating cloud security with security posture management

Announcing the Micronaut Oracle Cloud module for simple SDK integration and performant serverless functions
Customer highlights earnings
Customer highlights
Thanks to McDonald’s, Albertsons, Xactly, United Breweries, ArcelorMittal, Humana, and many others for trusting us to help drive their business success. Learn more customer highlights from our Q1 FY21 earnings.
Analyze Desktop
Oracle Live—Oracle Cloud Applications—The Time Is Now
September 29

Virtual Summit—HCM: How HR Can Lead Change in the New Workplace
October 7

Oracle Developer Live—MySQL
October 13 and 15
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