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Oracle Digital Assistant News

November 2020 Edition
Hello, welcome to the latest edition of the Oracle Digital Assistant News.

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Oracle Digital Assistant
6 powerful reasons why Oracle Digital Assistant is a must-have
The days of rudimentary chatbots are fading as organizations leverage more advanced digital assistants instead to drive efficiency and productivity, and improve the customer and employee experience.
Pros and Cons of Chatbots
Pros and Cons of Chatbots
Chatbots are becoming mainstream as both consumers and businesses become more accustomed to the idea of interacting with a machine. With growing acceptance and the focus on automation, customer experience, and enhanced communication, this may be the right time to consider incorporating a chatbot into both your business and marketing.
Chatbot Design best practices
Chatbot Design best practices for Conversational UX
by Grant Ronald
What is the difference between a good bot and great bot? It is the design: design of intents, utterances and conversations. This first session in the ODA Design Camp focuses on the key design decisions you need to make when building conversational digital assistants.
Customer Success Stories
How Oracle Digital Assistant is benefiting customers
If you would like your story to be featured in this newsletters feel free to drop us an email.
Ida Brings AI to Schools
Ida Brings AI to Schools, Governments by Coco Huang
Silicon Beach newcomer Ida Artificial Intelligence Inc. is bringing fresh ideas to enterprise management systems. The Santa Monica-based AI company helps create conversational user interfaces, digital agents and chatbot initiatives for companies, universities and government institutions. Ida’s automated configuration platform is essentially “a robot that can create a robot,” according to co-founder and Chief Executive Paul Isherwood.
Chatbot helps Save the Children
AI chatbot helps Save the Children fight online abuse 24/7
Oracle AI & Data Science Blog
BotSupply – a thriving member of Oracle for Startups – is using AI chatbot technology to bolster Save the Children Denmark’s SletDet or ‘Erase It’ initiative, which is designed to combat digital-based sexual offences.
Event Calendar
Attend a Oracle Digital Assistant event around the world or online:
Student Experience with a Campus Chatbot
Transform the Student Experience with a Campus Chatbot
November 17th 2020
The full promise of digital assistants can be realized once you authenticate your users, provide personalized answers and integrate into key enterprise systems. Once a digital assistant knows who you are, students can track their academic progress, update their data, or check financial aid all in one digital assistant.
Innovating Cloud HCM
Innovating Cloud HCM with Voice and Chatbot
on-demand podcast
Would you like to understand the difference between a Chatbot and a Digital Assistant? And would you like to learn more about Oracle’s Digital Assistant? Then tune in to Cloud HCM Talk Radio to hear Grant Ronald, Director of Product Management at Oracle, discuss the benefits and challenges of building an enterprise HCM system when all you have are simply words.
Digital Assistant
ICYMI: Automating helpdesk experiences with Digital Assistant
Now available on demand
ComEd’s David Crone discusses chatbot development, showcase demos, and share real-world case studies of intelligent chatbots in action.

ComEd, part of the Exelon Group, are one of the largest Utilities companies in the US and the sole electricity provider in Chicago and much of Northern Illinois
Virtual Meetup and Hands-on
Virtual Meetup and Hands-on
This online session will introduce you to Oracle Digital Assistant and the features it provides to build AI powered 2nd generation chatbots. We'll also demonstrate how to build a low-code conversation in a matter of minutes.
Help your employees?
1:1 meetings on request
Help your employees?
Customized Digital Assistants for Oracle Cloud HCM and PeopleSoft HCM that Deliver More Value.
Fishbowl Solutions helps companies extend the value of the Oracle Digital Assistant by creating customizations for the out of the box skills within Oracle Cloud HCM including Compensation & Pay, Absence & Time, Onboarding and more. For PeopleSoft customers, Fishbowl can design and develop the conversational experience for similar modules based on your use case. 
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