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Oracle Digital Assistant News

January 2021 Edition
Happy new year, ‌‌, welcome to the first edition of the Oracle Digital Assistant News of 2021.

We have BIG news this month. We're announcing the rollout of release 20.12 of Oracle Digital Assistant, the first release to support native multi-lingual capabilities. Keep reading for a preview of the new features in 20.12 plus the usual selection of industry news, customer stories, upcoming events, best practices and technical articles.

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Digital Assistant Release 20.12
Get ready for Digital Assistant Release 20.12
Rolling out January 2021
Release 20.12 is rolling out to all customers with some exciting new features in January 2021. New features include native support for Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish Skills and Digital Assistants; data manufacturing and enhanced speech models.
Critical Success Factors
Announcing Digital Assistant for US Government Customers
The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Government and Department of Defense (DoD) regions continue to gain customer adoption and have proven its purpose and mission as more customers have gone live to support public sector programs and projects. Today, we announce the FedRAMP certification for Oracle Digital Assistant.
Oracle Digital Assistant
Oracle Digital Assistant Video Channel
Watch on-demand webcasts to discover the latest Oracle Digital Assistant updates and how your business can benefit from a conversational AI interface.
Customer Success Stories
How Oracle Digital Assistant is benefiting customers
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Digital Assistant at Italian media
Digital Assistant at Italian media company, Mondadori
How Digital Assistant helps Mondadori employees
Daniele Sacco, Human Resources Central Director of the Mondadori Group, tasks to online magazine, Tech Business, about how Oracle's solution for HR with a Digital Assistant has helped the publishing giant.
Event Calendar
Attend a Oracle Digital Assistant event around the world or online:
Oracle Built a Digital Assistant
How Oracle Built a Digital Assistant - Developer Live
January 26th US & 28th EMEA & February 2nd 2021
This session focuses on the real-world experience of building, training, and testing the natural language processing (NLP) models for an AI-driven digital assistant. You’ll be introduced to Artie, a digital assistant that helps Oracle developers build chatbots.
PeopleSoft Chatbots Production
Get PeopleSoft Chatbots Production Ready In 5 Simple Steps
March 16th 2021 HEUG Virtual Conference
SpearMC PeopleSoft Keynote Session: Get PeopleSoft Chatbots Production Ready In 5 Simple Steps. Contact Us for registration link, conference recording and slides.
Student Experience with a Campus Chatbot
ICYMI: Transform the Student Experience with a Campus Chatbot
on-demand webcast
The full promise of digital assistants can be realized once you authenticate your users, provide personalized answers and integrate into key enterprise systems. Once a digital assistant knows who you are, students can track their academic progress, update their data, or check financial aid all in one digital assistant.
PeopleSoft Chatbots
Emerging Tech Webinar: PeopleSoft Chatbots
on-demand webcast
Changing demographics of organizations are causing many to reconsider their user’s experience when interacting with PeopleSoft. Oracle has started to deliver Chatbots to supplement the Self Service capabilities in PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM. In this Webinar, we will demonstrate a couple of the delivered Chatbots and pull back the curtain to show you how they are built and how you can leverage them.
Innovating Cloud HCM
How PeopleSoft customers can use HR Chatbots
podcast to listen to
Listen to Paul Isherwood, co-founder and CEO of IntraSee, chat with Robbin Velayedam about how PeopleSoft customers can use chatbots to meet employee expectations and reduce HR operating costs.
Digital Assistant
Automating helpdesk experiences with Digital Assistant
Now available on demand
ComEd’s David Crone discusses chatbot development, showcase demos, and share real-world case studies of intelligent chatbots in action.

ComEd, part of the Exelon Group, are one of the largest Utilities companies in the US and the sole electricity provider in Chicago and much of Northern Illinois
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