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Week of September 7, 2020

This week: Hear from a panel of women entrepreneurs and their allies. Learn how successful developers get more value from data. And see how five companies are using ecommerce to face down demands posed by the pandemic. Also: Mazda goes full throttle on cloud to map its entire supply chain.
“Women don’t need help. They just need equal opportunity and a level playing field.”
Janneke Niessen, Cofounder, CapitalT
Female startups
Female startup success
An all-women panel of entrepreneurs and venture investors provides six insights into how women entrepreneurs can succeed even during hard times.
Juan Loaiza
More from data
Successful developers need simpler ways to get more value from data, says Oracle’s Juan Loaiza. Here, he shows developers how a converged, autonomous database helps harness techniques such as machine learning and graph analysis.
ABC Fine Wine and Spirits
Ecommerce opportunities
ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, a Florida chain, has seen a 2,000% growth in online sales since March. Find out how this savvy retailer and four other companies are meeting the ever-changing ecommerce challenges posed by the pandemic.
NetSuite to cloud
Global growth
Oracle@Oracle: How NetSuite moved to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to keep up with its 30% growth rate.
Kimberly Ellison-Taylor
Stories from the cloud
Ideas that will never work just might work: Accounting and finance pros don’t like ambiguity, but in today’s uncertain environment, organizations need to become less risk-averse, says Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, executive director of finance thought leadership at Oracle.
Tech library
Inside Java 15: Fourteen JEPs in five buckets

Announcing Oracle Learning Explorer: Free training and accreditation

Project Verrazzano now on GitHub

Application continuity—A database feature for developers
Full throttle
Mazda Motor Logistics maps its entire supply chain for visibility from order to delivery, reducing manual labor and allowing the company to redirect resources to customer service.
Analyze Desktop
Oracle Developer Live—Java
September 15 and 17

Oracle Cloud Applications—The Time Is Now
September 29
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