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Big Data Cloud Service

Oracle Big Data Cloud Service is an automated service that provides a high-powered environment tailor-made for advancing businesses’ analytical capabilities. With automated lifecycle management and one-click security, Big Data Cloud Service is designed to optimally and securely run a wide variety of big data workloads and technologies while simplifying operations.

Product Features

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Provisioning and Elasticity


  • Provision fully configured and dedicated Hadoop and Spark clusters on demand. Scale the cluster to fit your big data and analytics workloads.
  • Elastic

  • Scale Hadoop and Spark cluster compute capacity on-demand by bursting to dedicated, additional OCPUs for the cluster.

Comprehensive Software

    Big Data Connectors

    Seamlessly integrate with other Oracle services using big data connectors:

  • Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop - Develop models using R that run in parallel on Hadoop, and accelerated using Spark
  • Smart Data Movement

  • Oracle Data Integrator – Transform and enrich data within your big data clusters
  • Oracle SQL Connector for Hadoop and Oracle Loader for Hadoop – Integrate data in online or offline modes
  • Big Data Spatial and Graph

  • Simply process and enrich geospatial data and leverage sophisticated and high-performance graph analytics using Oracle's advanced capabilities for spatial analysis and graph analysis.
  • Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop

  • Develop models using R that run in parallel on Hadoop, and accelerated using Spark.


    Comprehensive Security

  • Run fully secure and encrypted clusters without additional configuration.
  • Automated Lifecycle

  • Manage clusters yourself with easy-to-use tooling and simplified patching and upgrades.


    Object Store Integration

  • Store all your data in the Oracle Storage Cloud Service, and process it with multiple Hadoop clusters.
  • Big Data SQL

  • Seamlessly query data in Big Data Cloud Service and Database Cloud – Exadata Service.