Primavera P6 to Oracle Primavera Cloud Migration Overview

Migration journey from Primavera P6

Welcome to the migration journey overview

Your migration journey will depend on your organization’s readiness.

Oracle Primavera Cloud integrates planning, scheduling, and resource and risk management. It’s the industry’s only solution that combines CPM contract scheduling and task management in a single cloud environment.

This guide will give you an overview of the migration journey and help you understand the steps for a successful migration.

Phase 1: Readiness assessment

Your Oracle team is with you every step of the way.

A comprehensive readiness assessment determines your needs and ensures a successful migration.

Phase 2: Preparation

Your Oracle team will help recommend best practices for data organization through the readiness assessment process.

There are differences in how Oracle Primavera Cloud and Oracle Primavera P6 organize data.

Review the documentation for more details and industry best practices to help you structure your data for your organization.

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Phase 3: Selection

The best option for migration will be presented based on a review of your readiness assessment and your individual needs.

Phase 4: Migration

Oracle migrates your data to your new Oracle Primavera Cloud environment.

Your Oracle migration team will work closely with you to test your new environment and ensure it’s ready before going live.

Phase 5: Go-live

User acceptance testing will take place prior to go-live. Your Oracle team will work closely with you to ensure the data is successfully transferred over, cleaned, and standardized.

Once your data is exactly where it needs to be, you’ll be supported with comprehensive, on-demand training to set your team up for success on Oracle Primavera Cloud.

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Reach out to your Oracle representative for more information to start your journey to the cloud.

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Oracle’s Primavera P6 migration to the cloud is your last upgrade ever.