8x8 moves to Oracle Cloud from AWS amid explosive growth

8x8 moved from AWS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, resulting in a 25% increase in performance and network savings of more than 80%.


As cloud communications quickly became the backbone for how employees and customers communicate, 8x8 saw user counts soar. To scale quickly to support that growth, we looked at several platforms and chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for its strong global coverage, availability, performance, and security. OCI has delivered outstanding price-performance, and a strong, strategic partnership.

Mehdi SalourSenior Vice President of Global Network and DevOps, 8x8

Business challenges

The leading integrated cloud communications platform saw use of its contact center, voice, video, and chat solutions soar during 2020. In a matter of weeks, 8x8 video services went from 200,000 to more than 20 million monthly active users worldwide, resulting in the company serving 1.5 petabytes of video data to users daily—the equivalent of downloading 10 billion photos a day from Facebook. The company needed to make a move quickly to meet this exponential demand.

Why 8x8 Chose Oracle

Performance was the top consideration for 8x8. It needed a proven partner with global reach to allow for flexibility and rapid expansion, but also one with a strong investment in security and 24/7 support to mitigate any potential issues.

Cost was also a key factor, as was finding the right long-term partner that would deliver a strong collaboration to grow the 8x8 business. Ultimately, 8x8 selected Oracle Cloud infrastructure (OCI) for its extensive global coverage, availability, performance, and security.


As its relationship with Oracle continued to grow, 8x8 significantly expanded its global footprint on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with the deployment of its core XCaaS platform to meet demand in different regions around the world. This rapid scaling of services has enhanced global reach and performance for customers

As a ten-time leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service with an industry-first 99.999% SLA, 8x8 depends on consistent low network latency, significant outbound bandwidth, and large-scale compute services to deliver an exceptional experience to its growing number of business users.

The company is using Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform to monitor the entire IT environment, ensuring the best customer experience. More than 500 8x8 users at different levels are using ML-based Oracle Logging Analytics daily to ingest and interactively analyze log data of hundreds of TBs a month. 8x8 gleans real-time visibility into the health and performance of its applications, Kubernetes microservices, and infrastructure running on a hybrid environment through Logging Analytics. This has enabled the company to quickly identify and remediate needle-in-a-haystack anomalies, detecting them in minutes, and drastically reducing troubleshooting times when compared to the traditional log access.

The initial benefits 8x8 received from moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure included significant cost reductions compared with AWS across every service essential to 8x8—compute, network transfer, and storage. The company got up and running fast on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, with production workloads running within four days of signing an agreement.

The move has also resulted in sufficient performance, agility, and low network latency to enable 8x8 to serve its millions of users via the 8x8 eXperience Communications Platform. Oracle Cloud also provides peace of mind, with Oracle’s continued investment in delivering security at every level to power even the most demanding businesses in the world.

Through its relationship with Oracle, 8x8 has realized an expanded sales opportunity for its platform, with integrated cloud communications solutions available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Opublikowano:May 21, 2020