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Smart Manufacturing in the Cloud

26 January 2022

All around the globe manufacturers are getting smarter about how to run their factories. This is because they are deploying a new set of tools that dramatically boost the efficiency of their factories, add greater visibility and agility across sales and operations and keep their customers more satisfied than ever before.

At the very heart of any manufacturing company you will find hardware and software. Many of these legacy systems are developed in-house, accrued from multiple vendors and/or configured beyond recognition. They are becoming increasingly outdated which makes it difficult to get the right level of output and efficiency that customers request today. Cloud based solutions bring new ways of working, thereby decreasing manual intervention and increasing pro-activeness as well as automation and more efficient processes. This enables companies to lead change instead of being a standstill bystander to it.

Join this session to learn how seamless production works, how to increase automation, reduce error and decrease your carbon footprint from order to delivery using Oracle Cloud Applications. You’ll also get a chance to hear from our implementation partner Evosys who will showcase how customers all around the world use this new technology.


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Panel: Changes in our environment

Relay the perfect customer order

Today, customers want fast, accurate, and convenient experiences. Buyers are everywhere and they can come from any channel. Businesses must adopt hybrid buying and selling techniques to meet the ”everywhere buyer,” wherever and whenever they choose to interact. Unfortunately, many Manufacturing businesses lack the digital scalability and proper revenue model to manage these new, complex selling processes and deliver omnichannel buying experiences. The increasing need for proper data-driven selling models has led organizations to rethink how they sell – no longer is it one and done, but it is now all about long-term engagement and retention.

Making it happen thru smart manufacturing

Manufacturing Industries are facing multiple challenges they need to tackle: being more agile to match changing customer needs and handling market transformations are just a few. Companies need to produce with quality to delight customers, find new products to disrupt or challenge disruptors and at the same time try to monitor in real-time to anticipate the future.

  • Lionel Albert

    Senior Director, Manufacturing Solutions EMEA Oracle

Orchestrated logistics - Delivering beyond customer expectation

Once orders have been captured, what then? Too frequently for manufacturing companies, fragmented logistics operations and distribution systems result in a lack of real-time visibility into the location of inventory and shipments, resulting in unfulfilled customer service expectations and excess costs. What companies increasingly require is a digitally integrated logistics network that would allow them to make better-informed operational decisions that will deliver resilience and sustainability, together with the agility to adapt to any type of business requirement and disruption. In this session we will hear both how and why companies have aligned their transport and warehousing operations with the three C’s of success – Cost, Carbon and Customer Service.

  • Dominic Regan

    Senior Director, EMEA Logistics Applications, Oracle

Live cases of seamless production – Evosys

Oracle Partner Evosys will present customer cases from around the world.

  • Jens Lindenberg

    Senior Vice President, Evosys Europe

Wrap Up

Featured speakers

Dominic Regan
Dominic Regan Senior Director, EMEA Logistics Applications, Oracle

Dominic Regan is responsible for all Value Chain Execution sales development and business development activities. These include working with existing and potential customers in determining the business value and return on investment from deploying such solutions, as well developing Oracle's thought leadership position in this area In addition, Dominic works closely with the Strategy and Development teams for all Value Chain Execution products.

Dominic spent 13 years with one of the main supply chain software vendors developing and managing warehouse management system implementations for a variety of customers around the world, primarily in the retail and defence industries. He worked on the strategic UK Defence logistics projects for both the Royal Air Force and the British Army, implementing best business practice into legacy operations.

Lionel Albert
Lionel Albert Senior director, Manufacturing Solutions EMEA Oracle

Lionel Albert, Senior Director for Supply Chain Planning and Manufacturing Solutions, Oracle EMEA.

In his role, Lionel works directly with Product Development and Strategy, as well with customers and prospects. Lionel is in charge as well of the success of Oracle Supply Chain Planning and Manufacturing Cloud Services in EMEA.

Graduate in Supply Chain, Lionel had been involved in supply chain for over 30 years, both in the manufacturing industry as well as in the software industry.

Mark Brinkler
Mark Brinkler HR Transformation Director, Oracle

Mark Brinkler is Strategy Director, HR Transformation, and Oracle HCM. Mark is responsible for supporting and advisory customers on their HR operating model, HR service delivery models, change journeys and how technology can be a key enabler in delivery organisations people strategy

Mark joined Oracle, in July 2019 after four years as founder and managing director of successful internet start-up YellAli living in Turkey.

Prior to working in the Technology industry, Marks spent over 20 years in HR in Public Sector, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Agribusiness space. He worked for Astra Zeneca, Nufarm and Syngenta based in the UK and Switzerland. At Syngenta he was the Global Head HR Services, Vice President, Europe Africa Middle East, Global HR Transformation Lead and held positons of HR director for Africa Middle East and UK & Ireland.

During his time in senior HR roles he has led HR business partnering and shared services teams, HRIS strategy, talent and organisational development.

Marks attended HR Executive programs at INSEAD and has bachelors degrees in commerce and history from Victoria University in New Zealand where he was born.

Niels Goossen
Niels Goossen Director CX Strategy EMEA, Oracle

Niels Goossen joined Oracle in 2017, currently leading the CX Strategy for Sales and Commerce solutions in EMEA. In his role he translates trends and developments in the market into relevant solutions and market strategies.

Dr. Roger Lindau
Dr. Roger Lindau Senior Executive Advisor Supply Chain Management Oracle

Roger Lindau has a PhD in Logistics from Chalmers University of Technology and is now Senior Executive Advisor Supply Chain Management at Oracle Nordics. Roger has +30 years of experience from Supply Chain Management in different companies, both as management consultant and as manager. He is a frequent lecturer at universities in Sweden and in USA.

Jens Lindenberg
Jens Lindenberg Senior Vice President, Evosys Europe

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  • Evosys

Smart Manufacturing in the Cloud