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Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) lets customers deploy Java applications to the cloud with just a few clicks. Achieve higher performance and gain power to manage, scale, and secure applications across global cloud regions at lower cost than on-premises.

Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure features

Quickly build cloud-based WebLogic applications

Single-click provisioning

Create a WebLogic domain within a few minutes. Choose from a range of options for managed servers and clusters.

Automated process for adding or upgrading applications

Use WebLogic provisioning wizards as Terraform scripts and execute them through the OCI console with a single click.

High availability

OCI’s infrastructure includes redundant fault domains, virtual cloud networks, and storage to ensure continuous operation.

Optimized to run on Oracle Databases

Complete compatibility with Oracle Cloud Databases, including Oracle Autonomous Database, to maximize performance and manageability.

Easily migrate on-premises Java applications to the cloud

Choice of versions and editions

Choose from multiple options, including Oracle WebLogic Server version 12c or 11g, in Standard, Enterprise, or Suite editions.

Move applications as is

No need to rewrite as WebLogic as OCI is compatible with existing on-premises apps.

Bring development and testing environments to the cloud

Rapid prototyping

Create or spin down development and test environments within minutes for quick prototyping.

Tooling support

Choose from a range of integrated and certified development tools, such as Eclipse, NetBeans, and Maven.

Simple unit pricing

Only Oracle offers standard pay-as-you-go pricing, plus a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) option.

Maritz logo

Maritz speeds up critical business applications and streamlines back-office operations in the cloud with 10x faster performance compared to on-premises.

Use cases for WebLogic Server on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Move existing Java applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Common WebLogic tooling, support for cloud infrastructure automation and full on-premises compatibility simplifies migration.

  • Build and deploy modern Java applications on Oracle Cloud

    Leverage OCI’s high availability and scalability across multiple compute nodes to configure WebLogic for optimum performance, security, and manageability.

  • Support agile development with automation for WebLogic deployments

    Leverage Terraform scripts to deploy WebLogic and ensure consistency across environments for dev, test, and production.

Use cases for WebLogic Server on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
June, 29, 2020

Coherence Community Edition and Helidon 2.0 Announcement

Will Lyons, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle

Find out how Oracle WebLogic Server users and Java EE and Jakarta EE developers can evolve existing applications and develop new ones.

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