The Oracle Playbook for Financial Excellence

Our finance team has a more critical role than ever. They help us prepare for unforeseen events, identify greater efficiencies, determine the right growth investments, and more. And over the past 20 years, they’ve been instrumental in helping us grow revenue, drive cost efficiencies, and steer the business forward.

We’ve captured the secrets of their success in the Oracle Playbook for Financial Excellence, and we’re sharing the playbook to help you achieve similar outcomes, including streamlining financial reporting, accelerating financial planning, and improving cash management.

Learn how you can streamline financial reporting, accelerate financial planning, and more.

Becoming a predictive powerhouse

The Oracle Playbook for Financial Excellence explains how we focus on people, processes, and systems to achieve more with less. Learn about:

  • Our framework for driving business success
  • Outcomes we’ve achieved and how your finance team can realize similar benefits
  • Lessons learned from our journey to Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

We’re achieving more with less

Everyone is talking about achieving more with less. Our finance team has been focused on it for decades and helped us achieve an industry-leading operating margin. Even as we’ve expanded our product portfolio and developed the most complete technology stack, opened dozens of data centers—more than any other cloud provider—and acquired many strategic companies, they’ve always provided the data and insights we needed to increase efficiency and improve our customers’ experience.

More specifically, here’s a sampling of what we’ve accomplished:

<10 workdays

to close our books and release earnings


reduction in manual accounting


faster financial planning cycles


hours saved on forecasting and budgeting annually


of purchase orders automated


of customer orders book automatically


of procure-to-pay transactions are touchless from start to finish


hours to close 100+ accounts receivable subledgers

“With Oracle Cloud Applications and Infrastructure, our finance team has shifted from looking backward to steering our business forward. We leverage Oracle's advanced end-to-end automation to help drive Oracle strategy and advise teams across the organization to get the best outcomes.”

Maria Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer, Oracle

Get proven strategies to help you achieve more with less and accelerate business success.

Explore the Oracle Playbook for Financial Excellence

We apply our people-processes-systems framework to each area of our finance operations to achieve our goals. Learn how you can:

  • Accelerate your financial reporting

  • Automate financial planning

  • Effectively manage and forecast cash

  • Streamline expense reporting for employees and managers

  • Automate the procure-to-pay process


Expense report process

Who likes submitting expense reports? And who likes reviewing them?

It’s a tedious task without much value. So Oracle transformed the process with Oracle Cloud and saved millions of employee and manager hours.

  • Maximize business value

    We partner with our customers to ensure they maximize the value of their investments and achieve their goals.

  • Learn from peers

    See how people like you are using Oracle Cloud Applications and Infrastructure to achieve their goals.