The Oracle Playbook for IT Systems Excellence Webinar

As new technologies such as AI are increasingly woven through every facet of our lives, it’s no surprise that the role of IT is more critical than ever. Our IT team has become a catalyst of operational excellence and company growth, partnering with each line of business to simplify processes, automate our operations, and delight those we serve. They have led our journey to the cloud and systems transformation, helping us close nearly 50 data centers, deprecate more than 5,000 applications, reduce IT resources by a third, and save hundreds of millions of dollars.

We’ve captured the secrets to our success in the Oracle Playbook for IT Systems Excellence and will be sharing them in this webinar to help you realize similar benefits.

Systems Excellence playbook
Join Kishan Agrawal, Group Vice President, SaaS Engineering, Oracle

Enhance efficiency and performance while reducing costs

The Oracle Playbook for IT Systems Excellence describes our framework for focusing on people, processes, and systems to achieve great outcomes. Learn how we:

  • Standardized best-in-class processes across our operations
  • Moved our IT systems to Oracle Cloud Applications, Infrastructure, and Database
  • Easily built new cloud native applications
  • Increased the productivity of teams across our organization

Achieving IT systems excellence

By transforming our IT systems and moving to the cloud, we’ve eliminated complexity, costs, time, and other obstacles that would otherwise limit our agility and ability to deliver great experiences to those we serve. Here are some specific results:


applications deprecated


in cost savings


reduction in the time IT spends on administrative activities


reduction in compute resources needed to run applications


data centers closed


reduction in IT resources

“Our move to Oracle Cloud Applications and Infrastructure has enabled us to automate our critical business services and achieve greater efficiencies across our operations. This has saved our IT team many hours running and maintaining our systems, so they have more time to focus on helping us improve and innovate for our users.”

Jae Evans, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Oracle

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