What is an intelligent platform for construction?

In construction, every decision makes a difference. To make those decisions with confidence, owners and delivery teams are increasingly looking to construction software to help them work in smarter and better-connected ways across the project and asset lifecycles. A new breed of construction technology, the intelligent platform, is helping the industry realize new levels of productivity to effect better project and business outcomes.

Outperform expectations

Discover how the Oracle Smart Construction Platform brings together our capabilities to help you improve project and portfolio performance.

A brief history of construction technology

Point solutions

Over the last two decades, point solutions have delivered basic improvements in efficiency and standardized specific workflows for specific individuals and departments. But since these solutions are by nature disconnected, they create information silos and communication problems between teams and phases of construction.

First-generation construction platforms

Cloud-enabled platforms integrate point solutions to connect teams and applications across specified workflows. But data continues to be locked in specific applications, proprietary formats, and project silos, making it difficult to gain a complete view of performance across projects, processes, or portfolios. While first-generation platforms have facilitated better collaboration, faster decisions, and fewer errors, they fail to truly automate construction processes, and each step still requires significant manual effort.

Intelligent construction platforms

Now with intelligent construction platforms, data is unlocked, and artificial intelligence and machine learning are leveraged to empower every go-forward decision. Organizations learn from the past to continuously improve the future. Intelligent platforms automatically synchronize every step of the construction process. As progress is captured in the field, decisions are made, and changes happen, downstream activities, teams, and supply chains are automatically adjusted.

Delivering the next generation

The new generation of intelligent platforms accelerates performance by predicting outcomes, optimizing processes, and continuously improving the way you build and manage projects. The Oracle Smart Construction Platform accomplishes this by focusing on three principles.

Connect and collaborate

Easily share information and keep everyone on the same page to avoid delays and rework. Configure workflows to boost efficiency, and preserve your margins with project controls and effective change management. Capture a complete, unalterable record of each project.

More than 30 organizations, including designers, contractors, cities, and permitting agencies, were able to collaborate seamlessly with each other while owning their specific data.

—Ashish Sharma, Solutions Architect, Parsons

Inform every decision

Unlock data from proprietary formats and applications for project- and portfoliowide insights. Mitigate risks that can derail work with tools to predict problems and sharpen decision-making. Measure past project and portfolio performance, address problem areas, and keep improving.

Now instead of coming to the meeting and being asked questions, we come to the meeting with the answers.

—Matt Pasley, Manager of Field Support and Analysis, Ameren

Fast-Track the Unified Data Journey

The adoption of predictive analytics enabled by AI is becoming more common in engineering and construction as these capabilities become more accessible. But for organizations beginning to explore these new technologies, challenges remain as they grapple with a growing inventory of siloed, unstructured data and a skills shortage.

Stay in sync

Orchestrate the delivery of projects efficiently to meet quality, time, and cost objectives. Unite project planning and worksite task management in a central schedule to minimize wasted time and resources. Track progress, identify and mitigate risks, and efficiently manage change across the entire supply chain.

Now the right people always show up when they should.

—Jeff Milo, Senior Scheduling Manager, Landmark Properties

Putting together the platform of the future

The Oracle Smart Construction Platform brings industry-leading applications together on world-class cloud infrastructure. Here’s what it looks like when you combine a reputation for construction excellence with the most secure, compliant, and scalable technology.

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