Lamentamos, mas não foi possível localizar uma correspondência para a sua pesquisa.

Sugerimos que experimente o seguinte para encontrar aquilo que procura:

  • Verifique a ortografia da pesquisa por palavras-chave.
  • Utilize sinónimos para a palavra-chave que digitou, por exemplo, experimente “aplicação” em vez de “software”.
  • Iniciar uma nova pesquisa.

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Make real change through discovery and accelerate your research. We help researchers store, host, and analyze their data with easy-to-use solutions. We also provide cloud credits, hands-on technology consultations, introductions to peers, opportunities, press and media support, and more.

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“Oracle for Research was extremely important because it helped us speed up analysis of new virus variants. In times of COVID, this was critical.”

Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel

Professor, The University of Bristol School of Biochemistry

2022 looks bright for research

Alison Derbenwick Miller, Vice President, Oracle for Research

Research is constantly changing, and in 2022, we predict that research-to-product innovation will accelerate, cross-institutional research collaborations will expand and deepen, researcher diversity will continue to be a challenge, research computing innovations will abound, and appetites for research and cloud computing will grow.

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