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Oracle Marketing is the most comprehensive, integrated marketing solution available to launch cross-channel marketing programs and unify all prospect and customer marketing signals in a single view. This solution helps generate a higher return on digital marketing investments, create customer loyalty through superior campaign performance, and unlock real-time performance decisions during critical campaign cycles.

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Marketing automation solutions for personalized B2B marketing

Create targeted, cross-channel marketing campaigns, optimize lead generation activities, personalize customer and prospect communications, and automate marketing activities. Use real-time data-driven insights to engage, convert, and nurture buyer relationships to increase sales.

Data-driven campaign management for B2C marketing professionals

Simplify marketing campaign creation, execution, and measurement. Use built-in intelligence to capture real-time customer behaviors to produce sophisticated yet efficient B2C marketing campaigns.

Reach the right audience, in the right environment, and measure the impact of your campaigns for total success

Maximize advertising performance and drive better outcomes through high-quality targeting data, innovative contextual technology, and powerful measurement solutions. Oracle Advertising helps you reach the right people, protect your ad spend, and measure the impact of your campaigns to better understand what’s working and why.


Learn how Oracle leverages integrated data to gain a deeper understanding of its customers and meet their unique needs.

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Why choose Oracle Marketing?

01Unify and activate your customer data

Connect customer behaviors, transactions, firmographics, and demographics across the entire customer experience to make every interaction matter for each individual.

02Deliver relevant experiences in real time

Collect data from more places, apply intelligence at scale, and use insights to deliver personalized customer experiences in the moments that matter.

Personalize your B2C marketing campaigns

View the B2B Marketing interactive demo (2:29)

03Easily execute sophisticated marketing

Empower marketers to use their intuition and creativity to orchestrate amazing B2B and B2C campaigns and irresistible customer experiences.

04Increase customer loyalty and retention

Reward and engage your loyalty program members with highly personalized campaigns based on customer data, shopping behaviors, and preferences in real time.

Learn more about Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement

Customer story

Mazda Europe improves CX by personalizing each customer's journey

See how Mazda Europe uses Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform and Eloqua Marketing Automation to personalize and enrich each customer’s experience over time as they continue to engage, often over numerous channels.

Oracle Marketing customer successes

View more customer successes

Learn why companies across all industries use Oracle Marketing to deliver timely, personalized multichannel customer experiences. Click on the logos to learn more.

Make every customer interaction matter with marketing personalization

Recognize your customers anywhere

Recognize each customer across all their interactions with your brand so you can engage with them in a consistent and personalized way.

Adapt to unpredictable customer journeys

Improve customer engagement by delivering experiences that adapt in real time to the complexity and unpredictability of customer behaviors.

Match the pace of customer change with real-time customer experiences (21:39)

Predict and deliver on customer needs

Harness the value of AI to engage with customers at the time that’s right for them, on their preferred channel, and with the right message, every time.

Discover new AI capabilities

Connect your marketing ecosystem and beyond

Break down marketing silos and connect to sales cloud, service cloud, and back-office applications to provide consistent experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

See how connected CX can help you (2:29)


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See why Oracle Marketing is a leader

Oracle CX goes beyond email marketing to deliver experiences tailored to each customer’s expectations in real time.

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Oracle University provides a variety of learning solutions to help you build cloud skills, validate expertise, and accelerate adoption.

How marketing automation works

Marketing automation software makes it easier to plan, coordinate, manage, and measure the results of marketing campaigns across channels, including email, web, display, search, and social. By automating processes, the software makes marketing more effective.

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