Retail Merchandising Cloud Services

Manage, control, and perform retail merchandising activities—including purchasing, distribution, order fulfillment, inventory management, and the financial close—with confidence. Choose a retail merchandising system that provides the building blocks for innovation and growth.

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Key use cases for retail merchandising

Drive allocation decisions leveraging AI and machine learning

Deliver products to the right place at the right time with a powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use method of allocating merchandise. Effectively allocate products through their lifecycle to get them in front of the right shoppers.

Enhance the customer experience with access to real-time inventory

Access accurate store-stock data to execute seamless commerce anywhere through consistent, efficient, and effective in-store processes and procedures.

Embrace sustainable and responsible sourcing

Evaluate merchandising suppliers and enable the assessment and governance of ethical, environmental, safety, and quality performance to protect your brand from supply chain risks and improve sustainability.

Evaluate sales and profit contribution by division and channel

Identify actionable merchandising opportunities across touchpoints, including back orders and returns, top/bottom sellers, demand, fulfillment, and price and promotion analysis.

Retail merchandising software features

Choose a retail merchandising solution that provides a foundation for innovation, supports global operations, and can adapt as your business changes.

Oracle Retail Merchandising gives a single view of inventory

Improve data integrity

Use one central source for retail merchandising information. Gain visibility and accurate perpetual inventory to drive decisions on fulfillment, replenishment, allocation, sales auditing, trade management, and pricing. Provide users with point-of-sales information for discrepancy resolution.

Manage global complexity

Ensure business agility with multivertical, multicountry, and multiformat support. Enable robust supplier deal management with a seamless process from negotiation to collection.

Audit all sales transactions

Evaluate sales transactions from all channels to identify missing, duplicate, or erroneous data to ensure quick resolution before it’s passed to downstream systems.

Leverage the modern platform for end-to-end flow

Integrate with Oracle Retail’s solutions for supply chain, planning, omnichannel, and financials for robust functionality that facilitates end-to-end process execution.

Retail Merchandising Foundation

Oracle Retail Invoice Matching fuels automation

Automate invoice matching and accounting

Manage the matching, reconciliation, and payment of supplier invoices with a configurable automated solution. Define the level at which matching occurs for a supplier—from a single purchase order to multiple purchase orders or locations.

Resolve identified exceptions

Increase productivity by reducing manual processes and improve supplier payment cycles via automation and workflow.

Align with company policies

Configure parameters in alignment with company policies and supplier agreements to promote matching compliance and efficient resolution.

Flow non-merchandise, third-party invoices to financials

Integrate with Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation and financial solutions to gain complete visibility and ensure the collection of funds owed.

Invoice Matching

Oracle Retail Allocation helps you plan better

Standardize the allocation process across user groups

Create an allocation that reduces the likelihood of overstocks and future markdowns. Sophisticated algorithms determine how to spread the available inventory across all locations.

Customize to individual store need

Determine individual store need based on metrics that fit the product, store characteristics, and product lifecycle for allocation.

Base allocation in a variety of ways

Base allocation on different hierarchy levels, item groups, or a single item, and on orders, ASNs, transfers, BOLs, or stock on hand. Allocation needs can be determined based on manual input, historical data, plan information, demand forecasts, or a combination of plan information and history, which compares actual sales to plan information and reforecasts based on actual performance in season.


Oracle Retail Pricing automates pricing decisions

Implement a complete rules-based pricing engine

Support for regular, promotional, and clearance pricing across all touchpoints.

Proactively manage profit margins across products and selling locations

Enable users to make information-pricing decisions by providing visibility to cost, current price, and margin as well as upcoming price events, key item, and inventory data.

Streamline pricing and promotions

Ensure pricing structures adhere to company procedures using defined price points, and clear seasonal merchandise quickly and efficiently by applying automated processes.

Retail Pricing

Oracle Retail merchandising insights helps you make informed decisions

Consolidate volumes of data

Gather all retail applications data across planning, buying, moving, and selling in one dashboard. The solution evaluates the analytical value of that data for a range of retail users, from senior executives to marketing analysts and data scientists.

Flexible, mobile-enabled, and powered by data and machine learning

Execute with confidence that positively affects the top and bottom line, by better understanding your merchandising performance to make more informed decisions.

Oracle Retail Home is a single access point to the Oracle Retail Insights suite

Simplify your users’ interactions with the data and applications most relevant to user roles. Retail Home (PDF) empowers you to take informed actions with real-time insights and features thousands of preintegrated metrics for role-specific insights.

Merchandising Insights

Oracle Retail Supplier Evaluation for sustainable and responsible sourcing

Infusing environmental and ethical measurements into the merchandising procurement process is fundamental to ensuring buyers have up-to-date insights and controls to make effective, sustainable, and responsible sourcing decisions.

Efficiently evaluate suppliers to reduce risk and identify potential

This collaborative cloud service evaluates merchandising suppliers, enabling the assessment and governance of ethical, environmental, safety, and quality performance to protect brands from supply chain risks and to provide insight into greener sourcing opportunities.

Increase revenue opportunity through improved sustainability

Consumer demand for environmentally friendly items sourced responsibly and ethically is increasingly becoming more important to buying decisions and generating a premium in revenue opportunity. Supplier Evaluation enables effective sustainable sourcing decisions, improving brand image and brand value.

Operationalize supply chain environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance

Executives are now held accountable for all aspects of bringing sustainable products to market. Supplier Evaluation measures the risk, potential, and conformance of suppliers through scored assessments, audits, certifications, and change management practices operationalizing supply chain ESG performance as part of the merchandising procurement process.

Oracle Retail Data Store helps leverage retail data

Oracle Retail Data Store is a low-cost, low-code environment that enables retailers to innovate, take control of their data, and extend the capabilities of their Oracle Retail cloud services.

Oracle Retail Data Store is highly scalable and configurable to support the constantly changing retail landscape. It consolidates data on sales, inventory, pricing, promotions, customers, orders, demand, fulfillment, items, suppliers, consumers, and channels to support a retailer’s unique business processes and journeys.

Retail Data Store includes powerful tools to leverage all of this data

  • Oracle Retail Home
  • Oracle Analytics
  • Oracle APEX
  • Oracle REST Data Services

Data store

Oracle Retail merchandising customer success stories

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Retail merchandising resources

Leveraging retail platforms for enhanced results

With AI and machine learning at the core, Oracle’s platform for modern retail delivers mission-critical solutions and cloud services that enable retailers to gain insights and agility for attracting and retaining customers at every touchpoint. Leveraging AI with Oracle Retail merchandising solutions at the epicenter of all retail operations helps retailers meet consumer expectations and serve them more efficiently by providing a wealth of relevant information, expert purchasing advice, and convenient service.

Gain insights with 10 examples of AI in retail

Leverage the power of the Oracle Retail community

Accelerate speed to value by streamlining your implementation using best practice process models, architectural diagrams, and a retail glossary derived from more than 5,000 retail customers across 96 countries.

Gain access to detailed implementation information in Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service

Merchandise Learning Subscriptions

Oracle offers speed to value with on-demand digital learning. You can build individual competencies that maximize usage of Oracle Retail merchandise solutions. The training is available 24/7 with self-paced learning guides and microlessons with step-by-step demonstrations.

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IDC positions Oracle as a leader in retail merchandising solutions

The IDC report assesses the capabilities and strategies of leading enterprise software vendors in serving the specific needs of retail companies worldwide by evaluating their success in executing basic merchandising activities such as item management, inventory tracking, purchasing, and vendor management.

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The right merchandising strategy often can be the difference between high sales and a struggling retail enterprise.

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