Employees Use Tech to Regain Control

Nearly 15,000 people were surveyed across 13 countries, revealing eye-opening insights from the impact of the past year. Your employees are still struggling, but they've also had a collective awakening and are turning to technology to help define their future. Find out why now is the time to take action to support your workforce.

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82% of people believe robots can support their career better than humans

So much has changed over the past year. As a result, employees have re-evaluated what success means to them and are actively seeking to regain control of their lives and careers. Fortunately, technology is here to help—and employees are ready to embrace it. Learn how technology, such as AI, can help you better support employee success—however they define it.

AI@Work: The Miniseries

Employees have redefined what success means. Employers are working hard to keep up. Technology is here to help. Binge the episodes today!

Episode 1: Life Disrupted

Life Disrupted | Episode 1

The pandemic upended life. After more than 18 months of unrelenting pandemic stress, people from around the globe share how they’re holding their personal and professional lives together...or not.

Episode 2: Success Redefined

Success Redefined | Episode 2

Feeling stuck? You’re not alone. How are workers taking control of their career and finding work that delivers more freedom?

Episode 3: The Reckoning

The Reckoning | Episode 3

Amidst the Great Resignation, employees are demanding more support from their employers. How are HR professionals responding to this critical moment and preparing their teams for the future of work?

Episode 4: Human and Machine

Human and Machine | Episode 4

As our relationship with technology evolves, how can humans and machines collaborate in ways that empower the workforce?

Find out how Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM helps HR leaders connect with, engage, and support their employees


Support employee career growth

Oracle Cloud HCM can help workers regain control over their careers and develop new skills to keep up with the changing needs of your business.

Give employees a reason to stay

After feeling that their skills grew stale during the pandemic, employees now demand that employers help them develop new skills and gain new experiences to grow within their organizations.

Strategic guidance

Learn what HR professionals should consider when implementing AI solutions, and discover the key strategies that drive success.

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Explore our HCM solution to learn how our technology engages and supports employees—and empowers HR teams to take on a more strategic role.


Previous studies

AI@Work previous studies

The latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning—from conversational user interfaces to blockchain and the Internet of Things—are rapidly being infused into mainstream business operations.


AI@Work press release

"The last year set a new course for the future of work. Surprisingly, amongst the stress, anxiety, and loneliness of the global pandemic, employees found their voice, became more empowered, and are now speaking up for what they want."
—Yvette Cameron, Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud HCM


In this job market, more workers are choosing AI over humans for career advice

Alicia Doniger, CNBC Strategic Content

For workers reconsidering their jobs amid the Great Resignation triggered by the pandemic, there is a new trusted source of career advice: artificial intelligence.

Though economists are hard-pressed to quantify it, a population-wide career crisis has played a role in the current labor shortage, and that is reflected in a new survey of workers from Oracle. It finds 93% of individuals saying they took the last year to reflect on what is important; and 88% thinking about what success means to them.

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