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Oracle Payroll

Simplify how you pay your workforce with a highly configurable solution, fully unified with Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) for efficient, compliant payroll processing across the globe—no matter your industry, company size, or worker types.

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Oracle Payroll features

Oracle Payroll

Global reach

Payroll is localized in 13 countries: Bahrain, Canada, China, France (expected 2024), India, Kuwait, Mexico, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Compliance amid complexity

Minimize compliance risk with automatic updates on global, national, and local payroll laws and tax regulations, and adhere to union requirements and contractual agreements—no matter how complex.

Anytime pay

Provide financial flexibility with a payment option that allows employees to access earned wages when they need them, instead of waiting for payday.

Retroactive pay

Automatically calculate predated HR changes and process them for individuals or groups of employees.

Scalability and reliability

Process high-volume payrolls quickly, accurately, and reliably to meet the demands of evolving business changes, such as an increasingly dispersed workforce, mergers and acquisitions, and seasonal staffing fluctuations.

Oracle Payroll Core

Flexible payroll

Design your payroll to meet international pay rules with a solution you can easily configure to meet your unique business requirements. Currently available for IGOs, NGOs and the following countries: Bahamas, Egypt, Jordan, Philippines.

Simplified processes

Streamline your payroll process with automated features like retroactive pay and multiple assignments using a single HCM solution.

Empowered workforce

Spend less time processing payroll and focus more on managing your core business.

Oracle Payroll Interface

Flexible connections

Use any provider or select one of our strategic partners to easily integrate with Oracle Cloud HCM.

Enhanced features

Enable effective dated transactions that transfer directly into the payroll system.

Complete control

Bring your HCM and payroll data into a single system and capture a complete view of labor trends and practices.

Oracle Payroll Connect

Unified workforce engagement

Provide a single user experience for payroll transactions, including access to relevant information, such as payroll activity and payslips.

Seamless third party integration

Manage end-to-end third party payroll processing without leaving Oracle HCM, for a consistent and efficient experience.

Easy to implement integration

Integrate your third party payroll with Oracle HCM systems by simply providing business rules and mapping values.

Manage payroll needs for a global workforce

Oracle Payroll is a fully unified, highly configurable solution that supports HR, finance, and operations.

Key benefits of Payroll

  • Maintain compliance

    Support compliance by delivering required payroll tax reporting that adheres to regulations.

    Video: Oracle Payroll (4:18)

  • Drive agility with easy configurability

    Address unique business needs in your organization. Configure and manage complex rules, payroll flows, and checklists—without having to code.

    Datasheet: Oracle Payroll

  • Harness the power of the suite

    Seamlessly source information to process payroll with unified time and absence, benefits, compensation, and more.

    Work Made Human (PDF)

Payroll customer successes

Discover how a wide variety of our customers use Oracle Payroll their businesses.

Securitas video thumbnail

Securitas uses Oracle Cloud HCM to gain a 70% boost in hiring new employees

“Finding the right partner that could work across the geographies and also in the complexities of the different types of payroll and recruiting styles we need was very important to us. We're able to get that from Oracle.”

—Jeremy Brecher, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Securitas, North America

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