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Oracle for Research

We offer purpose-built products, capabilities, and resources to simplify the research process, accelerate discovery, and address humanity’s most urgent needs.

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Oracle products for researchers

Our products are designed to make research easier, faster, and more accurate. We want to empower researchers with the most advanced technologies so they can unlock new insights and make discoveries that change the world.

AI for research

Oracle AI is a family of accelerated infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and machine learning (ML) services. For AI training and inferencing, Oracle’s AI infrastructure offers ultralow latencies for standalone graphics processing units (GPUs) and clusters with thousands of nodes. Using AI services, developers can add prebuilt models to applications and operations. With ML services, data scientists can build, train, and deploy models with their favorite open source frameworks or benefit from the speed of in-database machine learning.

Research AI services
  • Anomaly detection service
  • Data labeling
  • Data science
  • Digital assistant
  • Forecasting
  • Language
  • Machine learning services
  • Speech
  • Virtual machines for data science
  • Vision

Process complex research workloads

Our purpose-built cloud for research scientists provides fast, flexible, and affordable compute capacity to fit any scientific workload, from flexible virtual machines (VMs) and high performance bare metal servers to lightweight containers and serverless computing.

Computing services for researchers
  • Arm-based compute
  • Bare metal servers
  • Container Engine for Kubernetes
  • Functions
  • GPU-accelerated compute
  • HPC compute
  • Operating systems
  • Virtual machines
  • VMware

Summarize your collected data

Make sense of the data you collect with a service that provides the capabilities required throughout the entire research process. This includes data ingestion and modeling, data preparation, data visualization, and data collaboration. Quickly discover unseen patterns and insights from your studies.

Get more from your research with:
  • Auto-insights
  • Data quality insights
  • Data modeling
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Mobile analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Spatial analytics

Store and retrieve your research

Oracle database services and products offer researchers cost-optimized and high performance versions of Oracle Database, the world's leading converged, multimodel database management system, as well as in-memory, NoSQL and MySQL databases. Oracle Autonomous Database, available on-premises via Oracle Cloud@Customer or on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enables researchers to simplify relational database environments and reduce management workloads.

Database offerings for researchers
  • Autonomous Database
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Spatial database

Access public data sets

Access our repository of genomic, climate, AI/ML data, and other public data sets to build your applications or scientific pipelines. Our platform is easy to navigate and search, with the ability to download files anywhere. Each data set consists of code and tooling usage examples for consumption and reproducibility. We are now accepting contributions from researchers and institutions interested in sharing data with a wide community of users. Help us drive collaboration across the scientific community.

Securely store your research

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides extremely secure and low-cost cloud storage options. Through on-demand local, object, file, block, and archive storage, Oracle Cloud addresses key storage workload requirements and use cases. Researchers can use the storage gateway and data transfer service to safely and securely move their data to the cloud.

Cloud storage services
  • Archive storage
  • Boot/block volume
  • File storage
  • Local NVMe
  • Object storage
  • Storage gateway

“Oracle for Research was extremely important because it helped us speed up analysis of new virus variants. In times of COVID, this was critical.”

Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel

Professor, The University of Bristol School of Biochemistry

5 Ways Hybrid Cloud Meets the Demands of Modern Research

Alison Derbenwick Miller, Vice President, Oracle for Research

At Oracle for Research, we strive to be a trusted ally to the research community by actively listening, engaging, learning, and providing flexible, cost-effective, and innovative solutions. Hybrid cloud is one such solution that empowers institutions to adapt swiftly, cut costs, promote sustainability, and ultimately cultivate an environment of research excellence.

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