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Data Warehousing Made Easy

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse provides a fully autonomous database that easily scales capacity up and down, delivers fast query performance and requires no database administration. It enables customers to quickly adjust to changing workload requirements and lower their costs based on actual resource utilization. This service is available in both Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and on Exadata Cloud@Customer.



Fully-managed cloud service that makes it very simple to provision a data warehouse, quickly and easily load data and query that data using built-in web-based tools such as notebooks.

Oracle’s unique autonomous database framework ensures high availability and automatic security–without requiring any additional tasks.



Delivers high performance data warehousing straight out-of-the-box with unparalleled scalability and reliability. Built on key Oracle Database capabilities: parallelism, columnar processing and compression. All aspects of performance tuning are automatically managed so the service requires no database tuning.



Scale as needed-create and expand your data warehouse’s compute and storage capacity on demand and independently of each other with no downtime. Pay only for the resources you consume. Integrates directly with the full spectrum of business analytics, data integration and IoT services within Oracle's comprehensive range of integrated cloud solutions.

Product Features

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    Database Versions

  • Autonomous Database Warehouse, built on the industry-proven and leading database, supports mixed workloads with unmatched performance, security, ease, and flexibility.


  • Fast query performance with zero effort.



  • A fully managed data warehouse cloud service. Network configuration, storage, database patching & upgrade and more are taken care of for you. No customer DBA required.


  • Always runs the latest security patches. Data at rest is encrypted by default using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). Database clients use SSL/TLS 1.2 encrypted and mutually authenticated connections.


  • Automated protection from downtime. High-availability is built into every component, and backups are completely automated.

Data Access

    Business Analytics and Reporting Tools

  • Connect your existing Oracle/3rd party BI and reporting tools-or use Oracle's Business Analytics Cloud. Plus, Autonomous Data Warehouse provides built-in web-based notebook, Oracle ML, for rapid development of web reports that look beautiful in desktop and mobile browsers.

    Administrative Tools

  • Management of the Autonomous Data Warehouse is via an easy to use browser-based service console.

    Developer Tools

  • Use Oracle SQL Developer to design and build your data warehouse in the cloud. Or connect your existing Oracle/3rd party data integration and development tools.

    Any Database Tool

  • Work directly with your data by connecting via any of the available Oracle client language libraries including Oracle Net (SQL*Net), JDBC and other drivers.


  • Supports relational workloads as well as JSON Documents, Graphs and more.


    Fully Elastic Resources

  • Specify the exact amount of compute and storage required for your warehouse.

    Scale on Demand

  • Raise or lower compute or storage resources at any time–with zero downtime.

    Manage Your Costs

  • You can even switch off your compute resources when the data warehouse is not being used.
Oracle Customers

Oracle Autonomous Customer Successes

AoA logo

AoA Innovates Healthcare with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Single click versus hours to pull reports
  • Avoided five to six analyst hires
  • Zero time to maintain database
Now with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics, I only spend a couple of hours to preparing for board meetings, before it took weeks.
Honey Ranario, CFO, Arlington Orthopedics Associates
SKY Brasil logo

SKY Brasil Accelerates Time to Market with Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • 90% reduction in time to market
  • 60% cost savings
  • 90% of IT staff now focused on innovation
In addition to the high performance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the adoption of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse has streamlined processes and enabled us to reach our customers with the right offering at the right time.
André Nazare, IT Director of SKY Brasil
d.light logo

Data-Driven d.light Empowers Lives with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • 75% reduction in DBA workload for higher value business analytics
  • Automates data loading from 12 hours to minutes
  • Auto-scaling, self-patching, self-tuning, and self-securing are game changers
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics have allowed us to consolidate data from different sources to get holistic view of the business and the customer for advanced insights to get to market faster.
Jeremiah Ochieng, Director of Technology, d.light
11880 logo

11880 Enhances Intelligent Search with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • 4x performance increase compared with AWS Redshift
  • Consolidated seven DBAs roles into one architect
  • Achieved a 12-month ROI
The IT team was surprised how easy it was to migrate our on-premise solutions to the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse cloud-based solution, where we are much faster than compared to the past.
Christian Maar, CEO, 11880 Solutions AG