Oracle Fujitsu SPARC Servers

Mainframe-Class RAS, Maximum Scalability

Oracle Fujitsu SPARC servers deliver high-performance and mission-critical RAS using a flexible, modular architecture of processor building blocks that scale incrementally to support enterprise applications and cloud computing.

Fujitsu M10 server family
Fujitsu M10 Servers Benefits

For Large Workloads and Cloud Computing

  • High availability for the most demanding mission-critical applications
  • Per-core CPU activation to economically and rapidly increase capacity
  • Supports up to 32 processors, 384 cores and 32 TB of DDR4 memory
  • Supports Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Solaris 10 with binary compatibility guarantee for running legacy SPARC/Oracle Solaris applications
  • Software-on-Chip instructions on the SPARC64 XII processor accelerate key database functions

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