Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps

Adaptive Intelligence Defined
Adaptive Intelligence Defined

Hear Oracle SVP of Application Development Steve Miranda announce Oracle’s latest advancement in artificial intelligence (AI)—Oracle Adaptive intelligence Apps.

What Are Adaptive Intelligent Apps?

Adaptive intelligence apps are cloud-based applications capable of adapting with machine learning and artificial intelligence in real-time using the power of internal data and the power of real-time external data, decision science, and a highly scalable computing infrastructure to produce better business outcomes. These applications are easy to use, easy to change, and easy to connect. No data scientists are needed.

Built on the Modern Oracle Cloud

Only Oracle has the breadth, depth, and the data foundation across all lines of business to deliver connected intelligence. Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps transform your entire business using artificial intelligence, machine learning, modern best practice processes, and a complete, modern software as a service (SaaS) suite. Using the power of internal data from across the entire suite and the power of external real-time data , Oracle Adaptive Intelligence Apps can future-proof your investment in becoming a connected and intelligent business.

Purpose-Built and Ready-to-Go Apps

Individual, consumable AI apps are purpose-built with domain knowledge for business users and tailored to specific use cases based on Oracle’s extensive business application, industry, and domain expertise. Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps augments business users’ decision-making with sophisticated, role-based decision science.

Driven and Enriched by Data

The apps are bundled with the richest third-party consumer and business profiles and other contextual and industry data to provide the most relevant, precise outcomes.

     - First-Party: Payables, Receivables, Treasury Positions, Suppliers
     - Third-Party: Credit Scores, Reported Revenues, Liabilities, Assets, Company News

Bundled Decision Science

Algorithms continuously and automatically adjust to keep outcomes fresh and optimized without data scientists. Decision science is built to run at scale on the modern Oracle Cloud to deliver high-performance processing and low-latency results.

Connected, Intelligent Outcomes

Oracle Adaptive Intelligence Apps anticipate, react, learn, change, and adapt based on ongoing interactions—both internal and external. By predicting and prescribing recommendations and new surfaced outcomes, they provide exceptional results for customers and businesses that deliver results.

What Makes Oracle AI Different

What Makes Oracle AI Different

Machine learning applies decision science algorithms to data to fine-tune business recommendations and present outputs in real time. Oracle offers adaptive intelligent apps across the entire Oracle Cloud Suite:

Machine Learning Is Changing the World of AI

Apps that can react, learn, and adapt in real time will transform every industry. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and decision science are all built into Oracle’s existing cloud applications to help our customers produce better business outcomes.

The Power of Oracle AI Apps in Everyday Life

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps are data-driven, self-learning, responsive, and built for the business user. This connected intelligence has an impact beyond the business world, into everyday life and overall customer experience.

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