Oracle Artificial Intelligence—Platform

Machine Learning Development Environment
Fastest AI Development for Developers and Data Scientists

Accelerate AI development on any framework using best-in-class infrastructure.

Oracle AI Cloud Platform Service

Oracle’s Cloud Platform includes key capabilities for embedded AI and machine learning to help developers build new AI-based applications and to enable IT and operations to automate manual steps in provisioning, patching, tuning, and more.

Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service

With Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service, developers and data scientists are empowered to develop and deploy machine-learning models, and to manage the complete data science lifecycle on their preferred open-source frameworks. Quickly integrate trained models into new and existing applications, including Kubernetes and Docker-based container native platform and conversational chatbots.

  • Additional libraries and tools include: Jupyter, pandas, scikit-learn, Pillow, OpenCV, and NumPy.
  • Deep learning frameworks include: TensorFlow, Keras and Caffe.
  • Elastic AI and Machine Learning Infrastructures include NVIDIA, Flash Storage, and Ethernet.
AI Platform Cloud Service

Conversational AI Interfaces: Oracle Intelligent Bots

Using machine-learning algorithms, automate with chatbots to help your business manage more customer engagement, increase user satisfaction, and scale operations more efficiently.

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud integrates machine learning to deliver self-driving, self-tuning, self-recovering, and self-scaling administration. This results in streamlined operations, more efficient consumption of resources, and higher security and reliability, enabling companies to focus on extracting value from their data to influence business opportunities and outcomes.

Oracle Big Data and Analytics

By adding machine learning that can conduct diagnostic analysis to identify trends, these powerful analytics tools do the hard work behind the scenes so you can thoroughly understand all the data at your disposal.

Management Portfolio Uses AI to Avoid Outages

Purpose-built machine learning algorithms provide complete automation for monitoring application, infrastructure, and security breaches and vulnerabilities in heterogeneous environments across clouds and on premises.

Security Portfolio Uses AI to Respond to Threats

Oracle’s new cloud-security platform provides the world’s first comprehensive and adaptive Security Operations Center (SOC), enabling customers to use machine learning to adapt their security posture as their risk landscape changes, prevent attacks, and reduce the detection window from months to minutes.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Optimized for AI

The combination of elasticity and utility of public cloud with the granular control, security, and predictability of on-premises infrastructure delivers high-performance, high-availability, and cost-effective infrastructure services.