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The value of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Identity and Access Management is a unified cloud identity solution that centers user identity as the security perimeter and helps organizations pursue a zero trust strategy. It enables organizations to define and enforce granular access policies, ensuring secure and controlled access to cloud resources and services.

The benefits of using OCI IAM include:

  • Secure authentication: Enable secure sign-on with flexible options, including adaptive, context-aware intelligence, strong multifactor authentication, federated login from external identity providers, social login, and delegated authentication to Active Directory.
  • Strong audit capabilities. Allow organizations to track user activities, access requests, and changes in access policies.
  • Robust IAM functionality for customized applications: Embed IAM features such as self-registration, social login, strong authentication, self-service management of profiles/passwords, and terms-of-use consent. With robust APIs, software development kits, and sample code, developers can easily add robust IAM functionality, reducing time and effort while improving security and enhancing the user experience.

Read the report to get more insights into how you can control access at your organization.

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