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  • Add-On

    Additional service(s) that are added to an existing Oracle Cloud contract. The new services will be coterminus with the existing contract, expiring at the same time.

  • Agreement

    The legal terms and conditions that govern a customer’s interactions with Oracle for a specified period of time. Examples include: Cloud Services Agreement (CSA), Oracle Master Agreement OMA), Master Distribution Agreement (MDA), and Legacy Master Agreements from acquired companies.

  • Base

    A prerequisite to an Oracle Cloud service option. A base service can also be sold as a standalone offering.

  • Bursting

    Bursting allows you to use additional capacity above your subscription limit without having to make a change to your base subscription. Bursting is useful for situations where you need to temporarily increase capacity. See Elastic Computing.

  • Cancel and Replace

    Also known as replace and terminate. A subscription or contract can be cancelled and replaced with a different subscription (or contract) on a different subscription ID before the original subscription has expired. This results in the decommissioning of customer’s provisioned environment and the setup of a new environment.

  • Committed Amount

    For prepaid subscriptions, your committed amount will be for a specified quantity of the cloud subscription service at a negotiated price for use during a specific period. Billing is based on the billing frequency stated in the contractual agreement, independent of the customer’s usage of the service.

  • Expansion

    Additional services can be added to an existing Oracle Cloud services contract. These include:

    • Users
    • Options
    • Quantity

    The new services will:

    • Coterminate with the existing contract
    • Follow the same invoicing rules as the original subscription
    • Generate an invoice for the new services at the time these are provisioned

    The new services can be completed at:

    • Contract renewal
    • Midterm
  • Elastic Computing

    Elastic computing allows Oracle to provision flexible computing power on demand.

  • Expiration

    The ending of the fixed period for which the contract is valid, or the contract end date. This term also refers to a service line item that has reached its service end date.

  • IaaS

    Infrastructure as a service: server, storage, and network hardware associated with software delivered as a service.

  • Metered Services

    A cloud subscription service where usage of the service is:

    • Tracked
    • Priced
    • Charged

    Oracle offers two types of subscription billing models for metered services:

    • Universal Credits
    • Pay As You Go
  • Ordering Document

    The Oracle Cloud ordering document is the contract that identifies the cloud services that you have purchased from Oracle. It includes transactional terms and conditions for the specific order including:

    • Products and/or services
    • Pricing and discounting
    • The data center region for the cloud services ordered
    • A reference to the master agreement which governs the cloud services
    • Terms which provide price protection for the renewal of the cloud services
    • A price hold provision to expand and/or add additional cloud services
    • Identification of the service specifications which are applicable to the cloud services ordered
  • Overage

    Usage that exceeds the negotiated terms of your contract will result in overage. Here’s how overage will be billed according to the two payment models:

    • Apps-usage tracked services: The service that exceeds the committed amount during the predetermined period is considered overage. It will be charged at the overage price that was negotiated in the contract. Billing occurs monthly in arrears.
    • Metered services: The service that exceeds the prepaid amount during the predetermined subscription period is considered overage and billed at the Pay As You Go price. Billing occurs monthly in arrears.
  • PaaS

    Platform as a service: the database and server offerings available in a subscription service model.

  • Public Cloud

    Cloud service in a multitenant environment that supports multiple customers.

  • Renewal

    Extending your cloud service subscription.

  • SaaS

    Software as a service: the applications delivered as a service to customers over the internet.

  • Services

    This includes both the cloud and professional services that have been ordered.

  • Service Period

    The period of time for which a customer orders cloud services, as specified in the order.

  • Subscription Billing Terms

    The billing or invoicing terms that describe when an invoice will be issued and the frequency of the invoicing.

  • Supersede

    A midterm change(s) to an existing subscription plan while still within the existing term and on the same provisioned site.

  • Suspension

    Restricting of the availability of a cloud service due to nonpayment on the account.