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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate is a managed service providing a real-time data mesh platform, which uses replication to keep data highly available, and enabling real-time analysis. Customers can design, execute, and monitor their data replication and stream data processing solutions without the need to allocate or manage compute environments.

OCI GoldenGate Service delivers operational and analytic integration (27:14)

Oracle CloudWorld announcements

GoldenGate news

Top six GoldenGate announcements

Oracle GoldenGate Free

Get GoldenGate for free and deploy it anywhere

OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics

Reimagine analytics for data-in-motion

Oracle GoldenGate Big Data Targets

New flexible pricing

OCI GoldenGate new connections

More than 30 new sources, targets, and platforms

Oracle GoldenGate 23c beta

Latest GoldenGate version certified with Oracle Database 23c

Download Oracle GoldenGate 21c

The latest release of Oracle GoldenGate brings extreme performance with simplified configuration and management, tighter integration with Oracle Database, and enhanced security.

Webcasts: Future of Data Integration—The Data Mesh

Learn about the usefulness of a Data Mesh to create Data Products implemented with Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Stream Analytics, and Apache Kafka.

Ebook: Enterprise Data Mesh

Explore the principles, use cases, and examples of Oracle customers deploying a data mesh.

Oracle GoldenGate features

GoldenGate as cloud service on OCI

Real-time and fault tolerant data integration

OCI GoldenGate enables a real-time, fault-tolerant operational and analytical foundation for an integrated global data fabric. Database replication publishes data and data events into databases, object stores, open source, OCI Streaming, and OCI Stream Analytics to support diverse data platforms across on-premises and cloud systems.

Oracle and non-Oracle data replication

GoldenGate is the premier replication tool for Oracle databases and is used for data integration, high availability, and online migrations. In addition, OCI GoldenGate connects to many non-Oracle and open source databases across on-premises and cloud platforms.

Connections to big data targets and platforms

Integrate across multicloud sources and targets with Kafka, NoSQL databases, object storage, Hadoop, and more.

Streaming data pipelines

Ingest streaming data from GoldenGate database events and Kafka. Build continuous transformation pipelines that include data enrichment, filtering, alerting, API calling, and publishing data.

Specialized data-in-motion analytics

Use pattern-matching analytic functions for time-series and geo-spatial data. Discover and test for outliers and anomalies, apply insight from ML models, and then automatically take the next best action.

Database replication for Oracle Database

Faster data movement

GoldenGate connection to the Oracle Database kernel delivers high-speed data movement for the best performance.

Oracle Database optimized for GoldenGate.

Optimization reduces buffer latency for parallel writes to targets.

Database replication for non-Oracle databases

Range of sources and targets

Integrate data among Oracle and non-Oracle databases and data services, such as Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Teradata, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HDFS, Kafka, Spark, and cloud object stores across cloud providers.

Reliable data transfer

Provide transactional integrity with built-in conflict detection and resolution Deliver data securely with SSL and encryption.

High availability and scalability

Reduce planned downtime

Eliminate downtime during routine database maintenance and upgrades, operating system patches, application upgrades, and platform migrations. All operations are protected with failback capabilities, eliminating the risk of losing data.

Database scalability

Deploy in multi-master or active-active configurations to achieve database scalability or distributed synchronization. Any number of databases can originate transactions and then synchronize with all others for data consistency.

24/7 availability

Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture relies on Oracle GoldenGate to provide zero downtime for planned and unplanned outages and Oracle Active Data Guard to provide zero data loss at any distance.

Optimize server use

Allows for production utilization of live standby servers for high-performance reporting, ETL for operational data stores, and routine backups.

Support for non-Oracle databases

Reduce planned and unplanned downtime, while providing high availability and disaster recovery for non-Oracle platforms.

Integrate with big data

GoldenGate for big data

Integrate with technologies like Hadoop, HBase, Kafka, etc. Support NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra, and Oracle NoSQL).

Multi-cloud support

Capture data from AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Azure.

Real-time streaming analytics

Complete platform for continuous integration and analytics

Model, process, analyze, publish, and act on real-time streaming data captured from GoldenGate database events, Kafka, or JMS messages.

Extend GoldenGate replication with streaming pipelines

Extend GoldenGate database replication events with next step pipelines that pattern match, correlate, filter, transform, enrich, analyze, alert, and publish data.

Ingest data streams

Capture database events from all GoldenGate sources and from Kafka or JMS.

Easily assemble no-code pipelines

Assemble stream processing pipelines from a library of ready-to-use streaming patterns.

Dynamically refine data pipelines

Fine-tune pipeline transformations, enrichment, data quality, and machine learning functions while ingesting data.

Advanced data-in-motion analytics

Analyze data points and data movement to detect anomalies and other conditions that, in turn, trigger alerts, publish data, and call APIs. Includes many specialized time-series, geo-spatial, and statistical pattern matching analytic functions using continuous SQL.

Native integration with GoldenGate

Prebuilt connections directly capture database events from OCI GoldenGate, GoldenGate, GoldenGate for Big Data, and GoldenGate for Big Data Targets.

Native integration with OCI Streaming

Prebuilt connections to OCI Streaming allow for bidirectional Apache Kafka message transport.

Validate with Oracle GoldenGate Veridata

Data verification

Identify table records that are out-of-sync. Verify data consistency across heterogeneous databases.

Data fix

Compare and repair datasets to improve data quality.

Key capabilities

Graphical user experience

Easy-to-use graphical user experience enables administrators to securely configure, monitor, and manage operations from all major desktop browsers.

End-to-end monitoring

Ensure service level agreement commitments with data verification and visibility into extensive real-time performance and usage statistics across all sources and targets.

Extensive operational APIs

Use well-documented REST APIs to customize the administrative user experience, add operational controls into replication processes, and integrate with third-party tools.

Automatic scaling

Achieve optimal throughput regardless of workload variability with dynamic scalability and parallel transaction processing.

Inline transformation

Data replication processes allow for more than 50 built-in data manipulation functions for transformation and validation and stored procedure callouts for further inline data preparation for enrichment, analytics, and more.

Real-time data mesh

Uniquely designed to replicate Oracle and non-Oracle databases and data services across operating systems, endianness, character sets, and object structures. Supports every data movement topology and modern architecture pattern.

More integration solutions

Integrate with Oracle ETL

Works with Oracle Data Integrator. Keep data synchronized after performing an initial bulk load.

Integrates with Enterprise Data Quality

Cleanse and profile data for data warehouses and data lakes.

Monitor and manage

Automated monitoring

Visibility into replication status with real-time alerts. View status in a robust management console or engineer automated recovery using rich APIs.

Enterprise-wide visibility

Monitor replication process completion and performance using management dashboards and real-time notifications.

Integrates with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Monitor GoldenGate across the enterprise with centralized management and monitoring, improving productivity.

Oracle GoldenGate Free

Free version

Oracle’s premier database replication platform is available to everyone for free. This version is ideal for prototyping, general education, development, DevOps, and testing. It deploys from a Docker container onto laptops, on-premises, or any cloud.

Includes all GoldenGate features

Use this version for operational and analytical use cases. Includes all enterprise-grade database replication features and runs with the latest microservices architecture.

Easier than ever

Designed for ease of use throughout the replication lifecycle. Build visual replication pipelines from a catalog of common patterns. And once started, the replication process is entirely automated.

Sources and targets

The current version connects to Oracle Databases, but more targets are planned.

sailgp logo

SailGP depends on real-time data movement and analytics to win the race

SailGP uses real-time race data and analytics to further the excitement of competitive sailing. From the water and in the air, real-time telemetry is delivered across a data mesh built with Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Stream Analytics.


GoldenGate announcements at Oracle CloudWorld

New releases, products, connections, and pricing for GoldenGate were announced at Oracle CloudWorld. Read the blog below to learn more about each of these announcements: GoldenGate 23c, GoldenGate Free, GoldenGate for Big Targets, GoldenGate for MongoDB, and OCI GoldenGate’s addition of Stream Analytics as well as new multicloud sources and targets.

Read the complete post

GoldenGate pricing


Comparison Price
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Unit Price
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - GoldenGate

OCPU per hour
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - GoldenGate - BYOL

OCPU per hour
  • *To make it easier to compare pricing across cloud service providers, Oracle web pages show both vCPU (virtual CPUs) prices and OCPU (Oracle CPU) prices for products with compute-based pricing. The products themselves, provisioning in the portal, billing, etc. continue to use OCPU (Oracle CPU) units. OCPUs represent physical CPU cores. Most CPU architectures, including x86, execute two threads per physical core, so 1 OCPU is the equivalent of 2 vCPUs for x86-based compute. The per-hour OCPU rate customers are billed at is therefore twice the vCPU price since they receive two vCPUs of compute power for each OCPU, unless it's a sub-core instance such as preemptible instances.

GoldenGate solutions


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