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Oracle Database, Cloud and IT Infrastructure for SAP

Whether you run it in your own data center on premise, or in private or public clouds, Oracle helps SAP customers run faster, more secure, and more flexible at lower cost.

Why Choose Oracle Database and IT Infrastructure for SAP?

Oracle Corporation and SAP SE support our joint customers with long-standing reseller and customer support agreements that provide enhanced access to Oracle hardware and software technologies and world-class customer service—on premises in your own data center as well as in the cloud.

Oracle/SAP Relationship

SAP and Oracle have agreed to a long-term extension of SAP's global reseller and technical support relationship. For more than 30 years, SAP and Oracle have worked together to provide customers with a supported SAP/Oracle environment, running SAP applications and an Oracle database. During this extension, new and existing SAP customers can continue to acquire Oracle licenses from SAP or Oracle to support their SAP business applications and SAP and Oracle will continue to offer technical support for the combined Oracle/SAP offering.

SAP and Oracle will continue to provide customers with additional information and details concerning the Oracle/SAP relationship at and

The Oracle development teams manage and implement joint integration projects for Oracle/SAP database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Solaris, and Oracle Linux, while Oracle Global Technology Centers for SAP provide presales support, including sizing and IT infrastructure optimization. Oracle Database and Oracle support teams are also onsite at SAP support centers in Tokyo, Palo Alto, CA, and St. Leon-Rot/Walldorf, Germany.

SAP on Oracle

Oracle IT Infrastructure for SAP on Oracle Cloud

Continuing its Oracle Cloud Platform innovation, Oracle works with SAP to certify SAP NetWeaver applications on the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) Oracle Cloud Platform making it easier for organizations to move Oracle database-based SAP applications to the cloud. Oracle offers various shapes and grades of its IaaS Bare Metal Cloud Services for Oracle’s high-performance, next-generation IaaS. These offerings enable more customers to deploy and access Oracle Database applications in the cloud, achieving performance, security, and availability similar or equal to their on-premises systems. Compared with Oracle running on a competitor’s clouds, customers can gain performance that scales with ease.

Oracle is the only cloud vendor to provide customers with complete and highly available enterprise application environments in the cloud. Oracle is delivering unique, integrated platform services to midsize and large enterprises that don’t have the expertise or capital to maintain comparable on-premises systems.

Oracle IT Infrastructure for SAP on Oracle Cloud

Oracle Database for SAP

By choosing the Oracle Database and Database options, SAP customers significantly benefit through the ongoing innovations without disruption. Taking a closer look, eight differentiators can be identified which explain in detail why the Oracle Database is the first choice for running SAP applications. The Oracle Database brings best performance and scalability, deployment flexibility, availability and reliability, support for database consolidation and very large databases, database security, manageability and self-management as well as integration of hardware and software.

All SAP customers can enjoy these benefits. It makes no difference whether you run the Oracle Database on premise or in the cloud, whether you prefer standard hardware or Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or Exadata Cloud Service.

Starting 2018, new releases of the Oracle Database software are provided annually. In addition, a new numbering schema has been implemented: Instead of the traditional version number (11g, 12c), the software versions are now designated by the year of their release (18c, 19c, etc.). These annual software releases will be made available to SAP on Oracle customers as well.

Oracle Database for SAP

Oracle Database Support for SAP Application Optimizations

From the very beginning, the Oracle Database for SAP strategy had been based on two pillars. The first pillar is the integration of Oracle Database features with the SAP environment. The second pillar is the integration of SAP application features with the Oracle database.

The need to integrate Oracle Database features with the SAP environment has always been visible. It was particularly obvious, when Oracle released new database features for which the SAP architecture was not prepared (RAC, Multitenant). The need to integrate SAP application features with the Oracle Database, on the other hand, has only rarely been recognized.

This has changed with the advent of SAP's own database (HANA). As long as SAP applications treat HANA as a database similar to all other databases, it is very difficult to convince customers that there is a benefit in implementing HANA. Therefore, SAP has embarked on an application optimization project in order to allow SAP applications to make use of special HANA features.

"Special HANA features", however, does not necessarily mean "HANA-only features". There is nothing in HANA that cannot be done by the Oracle Database as well. Therefore, the need to integrate SAP application features with the Oracle Database has recently become more visible. Oracle's continuing commitment for both pillars is evident through the comprehensive set of database features provided and for the special SAP application optimizations currently supported by the Oracle Database.

Oracle Database Support for SAP Application Optimizations

Oracle Engineered Systems for SAP

Optimized for Oracle Database and SAP applications, Oracle’s Engineered Systems reduce the time needed to get SAP landscapes up and running. The systems are factory integrated, configured, and tested and arrive ready for an on-premises SAP installation. Each system is tuned for a specific purpose, reducing the need for customization and infrastructure modifications.

Oracle Exadata X8 Database Machine Certified for SAP Applications

As of April 2018, new Oracle Exadata X8-2 and X8-8 with Oracle Exadata software version are certified for SAP applications.

New Oracle Exadata X8 Database Server processors deliver up to 25 percent higher performance than the previous-generation Oracle Exadata X7 processors and the same is valid for the new Oracle Exadata Storage Server, which offers high capacity and extreme flash with new processors that are up to 25 percent faster than Oracle Exadata X7.

Latest Versions of Oracle Database Appliance and Private Cloud Appliance have been certified and are supported for SAP Applications

Oracle Engineered Systems for SAP

Oracle IT Infrastructure for SAP On Premises

In an economy impacted by spending cuts, customers must meet surging demands for data. Efficiency is the watchword for many, making an Oracle platform a smart choice for SAP application deployment. With Sun server, storage, operating system, and virtualization technology, Oracle provides flexibility and choice across the IT infrastructure. Together, Oracle and SAP offer a world-class set of end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions that deliver a high level of system availability as well as a clear path to improved productivity, increased system utilization, lower total cost of ownership, and the transformation of your technology infrastructure into an eco-friendly data center.

Oracle IT Infrastructure for SAP On Premises

Oracle Services for SAP customers

Oracle and SAP coordinate global support processes designed to mitigate risk and reduce support-related assistance requests when new products are introduced, as well as during the complete lifecycle of a product. A dedicated, experienced team of technical analysts provide direct, consistent service relationships to SAP customers using Oracle databases and IT infrastructure from Oracle.

In addition to delivering unified support with SAP, technical experts in Oracle’s Solution Center for SAP also provide a variety of services, like sizing, mapping and providing Reference Architectures, plus workshops, pilots, PoCs, and engagements tailored to specific customer needs. Advanced Customer Services help you to optimise and finetune your systems, and provide support for transitions and migrations of your most critical workloads.

Oracle Services for SAP customers

Technology Updates

Oracle for SAP Cloud Update and Oracle for SAP Technology Update are publications that provide information about the latest Oracle products and services for SAP customers.


Oracle for SAP Cloud

Why move SAP applications to the Oracle Cloud?


Oracle for SAP Database

Oracle Database for SAP roadmap.


Oracle for SAP Technology

Latest technology and support for application optimizations.


Oracle for SAP Support

Support, documentation, and certifications.


Oracle Participation @ SAP Events 2019
  • DSAG Techtage
    Bonn, Germany—February 12-13, 2019
  • SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference
    Orlando, FL, USA—May 07-09, 2019
  • SAP TechEd US
    Las Vegas, NV, USA—September 24-27, 2019
  • DSAG (German-speaking SAP User Group) Jahreskongress
    Leipzig, Germany—September 17-19, 2019
  • SAP TechEd Europe
    Barcelona, Spain—October 08-10, 2019
  • SAP TechEd India
    Bangalore, India—November 13-15, 2019
  • SAUG (SAP Australian User Group) Conference
    Melbourne, Australia—November 21, 2019
SAP Participation @ Oracle Events 2019
  • Oracle OpenWorld
    San Francisco, CA, USA—September 15-19, 2019
  • DOAG (German-speaking Oracle User Group) Konferenz + Ausstellung
    Nürnberg, Germany—November 19-22, 2019


Oracle Database 18c Certified for SAP

Oracle Database 18c comes with numerous improvements in performance and manageability. These include In-Memory Optimized Arithmetic, In-Memory Dynamic Scans, and Polymorphic Table Functions (for SAP's FOR ALL ENTRIES clause).

Exadata Cloud Service X7 Certified for SAP

As of March 2019, customers can deploy Oracle Databases of SAP Business Suite based on SAP NetWeaver 7.x technology platform on current Oracle Database Exadata Cloud X7 platform.

Going Beyond 2025

It is highly likely that especially major SAP customers will continue to operate their NetWeaver-based application systems on Oracle Database even after 2025, says Gerhard Kuppler in an interview with German newspaper E-3. They will, Oracle believes, also motivate SAP to provide support even after that deadline.