Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Oracle Advanced Management for Hybrid Cloud

Effectively manage a complex IT environment

  • Offload routine tasks from IT teams
  • Focus your IT department on strategic business issues
  • Maximize availability of mission-critical environments
  • Optimize IT infrastructure
  • Increase service levels while reducing operational costs

Benefits of Oracle Advanced Management for Hybrid Cloud

  • Innovation and efficiency: Focus your IT teams on strategic and business-critical initiatives.
  • Security: Extend your IT security expertise to support an increasingly complex and threatfilled environment
  • Risk mitigation: Leverage processes and SLAs that ensure availability and fast problem resolution, 24/7.
  • Optimized operations: Improve productivity of both technical and staff operations.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Create technical administration capabilities that align with current needs but can scale with future goals.

Today’s complex IT infrastructures require specialized expertise in networks, servers, applications, and storage. With tightened IT budgets and a shortage of skilled employees, it can be difficult to retain IT experts to manage complex IT environments across a broad range of products.

Oracle Advanced Customer Services can help. Oracle Advanced Management for Hybrid Cloud allows you to focus your IT efforts on high-value business projects by offloading routine operational and technical administration responsibilities in a cost-effective and optimal way. The services provide an unmatched combination of experts, proven processes, and trusted Oracle intellectual property to help you jointly manage your technology and applications to extend and elevate your organization’s IT and security skills.

Supporting your entire technology stack

Leverage the flexibility of a jointly managed service for your applications or technology

Oracle Advanced Management for Hybrid Cloud assists you by managing and optimizing your applications, databases, Fusion Middleware, and/or technology infrastructure, with ongoing day-to-day operational and administration activities. The service offers architectural flexibility, and we can support your infrastructure on-premises, at Cloud at Customer, or on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). You maintain responsibility for basic tenancy and decisions regarding security strategies and appropriate availability architecture.

Partnering to optimize your run-and-maintain responsibilities

Benefit from in-depth expertise and proven processes

  • Governance: End-to-end service oversight and delivery management, service setup, and regular reviews by a Technical Account Manager
  • Incident and problem management: Centralized 24/7 ticketing and incident management, including change control, configuration tracking, and coordination with your incident management by a service desk
  • Monitoring and resolution: 24/7/365 monitoring of faults and availability events across the stack, capturing of diagnostic data, and problem resolution
  • Availability and capacity management: Monitoring of performance versus SLAs and SLOs, recommending of configuration changes as required, and responding to events that place availability at risk
  • Patching and change management: : Periodic proactive patching to address security and tax/payroll updates (for HR/payroll), and reactive Severity 1 patching
  • Backup and restore: Monitoring, backup management, and data restore, and yearly disaster recovery testing
  • Security advisory: Quarterly security advisory report and recommendations on security updates, all while following your security model

Personalized support

Support for your specific organization

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) serves as your primary point of contact to facilitate account management, provide end-to-end service management and delivery oversight, construct and maintain a service delivery plan, assist with any escalations, and conduct periodic service reviews and account reviews. The TAM’s work is delivered remotely, in English, using the most cost-effective delivery approach. An option exists to purchase access to an assigned local TAM, an in-country (or in-region) TAM, or a TAM that speaks the local language.

You will also have access to a team of shared resources and associated ticketing tools to provide a focused service center that supports incident, service request, and problem management, tracking of customer-submitted Requests for Change (RFCs), and recording of changes to your environment configuration.

Configurable solutions

Augment the service to address your specific needs

We know your organization might need additional support in certain areas, and this service can be configured to support those requirements.

  • Add local resources to support your IT team in their language
  • Add environments for test, development, or disaster recovery
  • Add additional security services to further secure your IT stack and mitigate risk
  • Add Request for Change Units (RFCUs) to speed up the contract process, by using RFCUs instead of contract amendments

Embrace the full potential of your Oracle investment

Leverage Oracle’s vast experience in providing operational administration, IT maintenance, and joint configuration oversight or key applications, database, and PaaS environments to gain IT efficiencies and cost savings. Nobody knows how to manage and operate Oracle products and cloud services better than Oracle—we ensure optimal availability and performance while allowing you to focus on strategic IT initiatives instead of day-to-day run and maintain activities.

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