Oracle Beehive Enterprise Collaboration Server

Oracle Beehive provides an integrated set of communication and collaboration services built on a single scalable, secure, enterprise-class platform. Beehive allows users to access their collaborative information through familiar tools while enabling IT to consolidate infrastructure and implement a centrally managed, secure, and compliant collaboration environment built on Oracle technology.

Beehive Enterprise Collaboration Software Diagram

Beehive Overview

 Oracle Beehive Enterprise Collaboration Feature List (PDF)
Review Oracle Beehive's main features.
 Oracle Beehive Enterprise Collaboration FAQ (PDF)
Learn answers to frequently asked questions about Oracle Beehive.
 Oracle Beehive Enterprise Collaboration Data Sheet (PDF)
Read about the benefits of using Beehive for your organization's communication and collaboration needs.
 Oracle Beehive Enterprise Messaging Data Sheet (PDF)
Read about the benefits of using Beehive as your organization's email platform.
 Oracle Beehive Mobility Data Sheet (PDF)
Read about Beehive's support for mobile phones.
 Oracle Beehive - A Flexible Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise (PDF)
This white paper provides details about Beehive's security, scalability, and manageability.

Beehive Technical Information

 Maximum Availability Architecture for Oracle Beehive (PDF)
A white paper describing the configuration and operational best practices for using Oracle Beehive with F5 Networks equipment to achieve high availability service levels.
 Mobile Device Certification Matrix (PDF)
Review the mobile phones and other mobile devices that work with Beehive.
 Using Apple iPhones with Beehive (PDF)
A white paper discussing Beehive's support for Apple iPads and iPhone mobile phones.
 Using BlackBerry Phones with Beehive (PDF)
A white paper discussing Beehive's support for RIM BlackBerry mobile phones.
 Migrating from Oracle Collaboration Suite (OCS) (PDF)
Read about how easy it is to migrate Oracle Mail, Oracle Calendar, and other OCS services to Oracle Beehive.
 Oracle Beehive Collaboration Platform - Developer's Corner
Explore ways to customize Beehive and integrate Beehive services into your business processes.
 Technical Discussion Forums
Ask questions and discuss best practices with Oracle Beehive customers, partners and developers.

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