Release Downloads for Oracle Service Bus

This page consolidates the download links for evaluating Oracle Service Bus for the most common platforms. You can download other platforms from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Please visit the Fusion Middleware: Download, Installation & Configuration Readme and the Installation Guide for Oracle Service Bus for an overview of the installation process and the Certification Guide for platform specific information.


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12c ( Release

Download Oracle Service Bus 12c (  (Redirects to Oracle SOA Suite Downloads)

Previous Versions of Oracle Service Bus
This is the of the Oracle Service Bus, a key component of SOA Suite. Please see the Documentation tab for Release Notes, Installation Guides and other release specific information.
Release 11gR1 (

Prerequisites & Recommended Install Process
Prerequisites and recommended components for Microsoft Windows (32-bit JVM) installation are available for download in the table below. This is a known installation and configuration path for this release. Please see the Fusion Middleware: Download, Installation & Configuration Readme and the Installation Guide for Oracle Service Bus for assistance in creating alternative installation scenarios.
NOTE: Products are presented in the order they should be installed. If you are planning to install the Service Bus along with other SOA Suite components, we recommend you follow the Service Bus installation process first.
1 Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.6) + Coherence + OEPE - Package Installer Size: 1.50 GB, Check Sum: 991968886

This download provides a WebLogic Server installer that includes a 32-bit JVM for Windows, Coherence, and the Oracle Enterprise Plug-in for Eclipse. If you want to run with a 64-bit JVM, please select the "Generic" option in the platform selection drop-down menu.

NOTE: Performance Patch (Bug 13573621)
Oracle recommends applying this patch to all installations of Oracle Service Bus on all platforms, including ExaLogic deployments. This patch will disable the Concurrent Request Manager capability in WebLogic Server.

Product Installation
2 Oracle Service Bus Size: 1.19 GB, Check Sum:84286086

Generic: Works on all platforms

Recommended Components
3 SOA Suite

If you are planning to install Oracle Service Bus and SOA Suite in the same location, we recommend you install Oracle Service Bus first.

4 Integration Adapters  
Optional Components